Alternate Art

Watercolor Rawr

Among its many accomplishments, this game boasts consistently excellent artwork. Even so, it can be nice to see your favorite characters and cards portrayed by different artists. Alternate art decks are decks designed by the community, which feature different art for official cards. Below you can find links to all of the alternate art decks I’ve designed over the years.

DeckFeatured Artists
Eagle StormUkiyo-e style art, Hiroshige
Wilderland Wildlife SanctuaryJohn James Audubon and Georgia O’Keeffe
Nurn HobbitsMatt Groening (The Simpsons-themed)
The Old Elf and the SeaN. C. Wyeth
The Last Temptation of BoromirMagali Villeneuve and Donato Giancola
Gift of the First-BeornJohn Howe
Nouveau HuntersAlphonse Mucha (Art Nouveau)
Nightmare in the FogVarious (Eagle-themed)
Grimbeorn’s PathAlan Lee
All The Pretty HorsesAnato Finnstark
Core Set CompletionVarious
Wandering in Search of the EntwivesVarious (Ent-themed)
Starlight on the Western SeasMagali Villeneuve
Bear JamboreeVarious (Bear-themed)
The Three Hunters Aggro V2Various
Seven Stars and Seven StonesMagali Villeneuve
The Greatest AdventureRankin-Bass (The Hobbit 1977)
A Weary PilgrimDonato Giancola
Aggro OutlandsVarious
Whispers in the TreesVarious (Silvan-themed)
The One DeckKimberly80, Various
Carrock and EyrieVarious (Eagle and Bear-themed)
Aggro Caldara V3Various
Zero is not NothingVarious
Magali VilleneuveMagali Villeneuve
Core Set HeroesVarious