Beorn’s Path

Beorn’s Path is a series of articles that will help introduce new players to the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Starting with the core set, we will cover deck building and basic play strategies. With our decks designed and built, we will be traveling through the scenarios of the core set, chapter packs and deluxe expansions, in the order of their release. For each scenario that we play, we will only be including cards in our decks that were in print at the time of that scenario’s release. Lists for each of the decks that we build will be included on the Decks page of this site. Each installment will introduce new concepts and build on the work of previous articles, so the series is intended to be read in order. More experienced players, or those interested in play-through reports of a particular scenario, can feel free to skip to a specific article.

bear print

Part 1 – Core Set Deck Building (Leadership/Lore)
Part 2 – Playtesting (Passage Through Mirkwood)
Part 3 – Deck Tuning (Journey Along the Anduin)
Part 4 – Playtesting (Journey Along the Anduin)
Part 5 – Building a Second Core Set Deck (Tactics/Spirit)
Part 6 – Playtesting (Escape from Dol Guldur)
Part 7 – Deck Tuning (The Hunt For Gollum)
Part 8 – Playtesting (The Hunt For Gollum)
Part 9 – Conflict at the Carrock
Part 10 – A Journey to Rhosgobel
Part 11 – The Hills of Emyn Muil
Part 12 – The Dead Marshes
Part 13 – Return to Mirkwood
Part 14 – Into the Pit
Part 15 – The Seventh Level
Part 16 – Flight from Moria

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