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Bear Market: Hero Showdown

I was traveling when my compatriots in the Grey Company were recording the Hero Showdown episode, but I wanted to add my voice to the discussion here. Below are my top three heroes for each sphere, along with my seven … Continue reading

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Deck Spotlight: Defenders of Annuminas

I want to thank my Grey Company compatriot Ian, over at Tales from Cards, for developing this segment. When it comes to community, the variety of voices adds to the value of the conversation. So I am shamelessly stealing his idea. RingsDB has taken the … Continue reading

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Bear Draft: The v3 Signature Squads

One of most interesting aspects of deck-building in the Conquest LCG is the signature squads. When making a deck, the first decision is which Warlord to use. Warlords are somewhat like heroes in Lord of the Rings LCG. They begin in play, and … Continue reading

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News: An Unexpected Party

Travel is a recurring theme in Tolkien’s works. Every one of his stories, from world-renowned The Lord of the Rings to lesser-known works like Children of Húrin, has a protagonist who must venture from the safety and comfort of their home … Continue reading

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