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Deck: The Window on the West

‘See here, Captain!’ He planted himself squarely in front of Faramir, his hands on his hips, and a look on his face as if he was addressing a young hobbit who had offered him what he called ‘sauce’ when questioned … Continue reading

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Visita Susurros del Bosque Viejo

Much like Middle-earth, our world is filled with a wonderful variety of peoples, cultures, and languages. Tolkien himself was fascinated by language and his study of philology played a big part in the unique history, peoples and names in his stories. For … Continue reading

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Poll Results: Favorite Strategy

The polls are closed and results have been tallied. In this latest poll, readers voted on their favorite strategy for playing the game. Personally, I have favored the turtle strategy for a long time. Deck-building games in general, and this … Continue reading

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To Catch an Orc (Predator)

The Grey Company was able to catch Mugash and save Middle-Earth from his Orcish predation. An early appearance by Gandalf, along with location-control and Beregond’s superior defense allowed us to win the day. Ian was not able to join us … Continue reading

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Contest Winner: Leave None Alive

Readers were encouraged to submit stories about your most epic rounds of combat, and you all did not disappoint. There were so many great tales, that it was hard to choose, but the winner happened to tackle one of my … Continue reading

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Deck: Creature Feature

Now that we have a semi-regular group of players in Austin, it has been fun to turn my attention to building a couple of solid multi-player decks. There are many ways to design a multi-player deck, but playing “pick up” games … Continue reading

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Contest: Leave None Alive

With the Mûmak Hunt winding down over at Tales from the Cards, it is high time for a new contest here at The Hall of Beorn. I find myself in possession of an extra copy of the just-released Nightmare Deck for Khazad-dûm … Continue reading

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Beorning Bee Keeper In Action!

The Grey Company just finished a rousing four player game against Nightmare Passage Through Mirkwood. One of the highlights was Matthew using Beorning Bee Keeper to damage 9 different enemies.

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