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Gothmog’s Dark Corridor 2: The Dunland Trap

On behalf of his highness Morgoth, supreme Valar, I welcome you back to my Corridor. By request of puny mortals, I have decided that my Corridor will now focus upon one of two things: difficult encounters and community-requested encounters. This … Continue reading

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Deck: Aggro Boromir

After my recent screenshot of a solo victory against The Dunland Trap, some readers have voiced interest in seeing the deck list that I used. The Dunland Trap is a very unique scenario. Many decks which can dominate against more … Continue reading

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Boromir Laughs At Dunlendings!

After a truly awful day at the mines, it made everything a little better to dominate The Dunland Trap solo with my Super-Eagle deck. Beorn, Boromir (Tactics) and Éowyn all played their roles to perfection. By the end of the … Continue reading

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The Grey Company is Snared in The Dunland Trap

After putting up a brave fight, The Grey Company was overrun by a horde of Dunlendings. Like many recent scenarios, this one is quite a bit tougher in multi-player than solo. Head on over and watch our valiant struggle on YouTube.

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Deck: The Window on the West

‘See here, Captain!’ He planted himself squarely in front of Faramir, his hands on his hips, and a look on his face as if he was addressing a young hobbit who had offered him what he called ‘sauce’ when questioned … Continue reading

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