Poll Results: Favorite Strategy


The polls are closed and results have been tallied. In this latest poll, readers voted on their favorite strategy for playing the game. Personally, I have favored the turtle strategy for a long time. Deck-building games in general, and this game in particular, seem to bring out the strategist in me. I want to control every facet of the game.

Still, this approach can become stale, especially as the card pool grows and more powerful cards become available. Eventually, it becomes possible to complete overwhelm many scenarios – especially earlier ones that were designed before these newer power cards were available. Nightmare and GenCon decks remain an excellent opportunity to employ this more deliberate strategy. Indeed building very well-tuned decks and using a very slow and careful strategy is still the only way that I have beaten the more challenging quests.

Deep strategy is all well and good, but at the end of a long day, sometimes you just want to have fun. Especially having a day job that requires hours of maximum focus, I don’t always want to play a game in such a mentally-demanding way. This is where I have learned recently to branch out in my plat style, and enjoy other strategies. Two in particular that I have quite liked are the Gondor/Rohan “leaves play” archetype and the Boromir + Eagle deck.

In both cases, these decks play very differently, and at much faster of a pace than the “turtle” deck. With a sizable starting threat and heroes like Boromir who necessitate raising your threat still higher, these decks force you to play much more aggressively.  This still is a lot of fun, I’ve found, as it allows for a bit less precision but provides the opportunity for some truly epic moments. Boromir equipped with Gondorian Shield and Support of the Eagles can easily defend against, and slay multiple enemies in the same round. Letting enemies pile up in the staging area in a multi-player game then playing The Hammer-stroke to engage them all at once only serves to heighten the excitement.

Likewise, the new Gondor/Rohan archetype has a similar aggressive and enjoyable style. Éomer really unlocks the potential of these decks. With Prince Imrahil by his side, it becomes viable to chump block as a consistent strategy. Especially when you can use cards like Valiant Sacrifice and Horn of Gondor to gain other benefits. Useful allies that Squire of the Citadel make this approach even more rewarding. Sometimes, I almost feel guilty sending that innocent squire to get trampled by a horde of ravenous Orcs. Almost.

As the results bear out, there is quite a bit of support for many different strategies. It is a sign of the health of the game that there are many different successful decks that can be built, and these decks can be played using many different strategies. For those of you that, like me, have a tried-and-true strategy that has you in a bit of a rut, I encourage you to try something different. Take one of the strategies mentioned here, or in the forums, and take a new deck that you haven’t played before. Even the most seasoned veteran can be surprised at how fresh the game feels when you come at it from a different perspective.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and don’t forget to check out the latest poll.

Strategy Votes %

Tricksey (Feint, Traps, Staging Area Control)

66 25%
Turtle (Slow, Deliberate, Threat Reduction, Optional Engagement) 64 24.24%

Ally Army (Dwarves, Outlands)

44 16.67%

Power Quest (Tons of Willpower, Quest Aggressively)

36 13.64%

Aggressive Combat (High Threat, High Attack)

22 8.33%

Defensive (Beregond, Spear of the Citadel, Spearman)

20 7.58%

Other (3 Glorfindels, etc.)

7 2.65%


5 1.89%
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