Contest: Leave None Alive


With the Mûmak Hunt winding down over at Tales from the Cards, it is high time for a new contest here at The Hall of Beorn. I find myself in possession of an extra copy of the just-released Nightmare Deck for Khazad-dûm and it needs a new home. In the spirit of Ian’s contest and the massive swarms of Orcs and Goblins in Moria, it seems fitting to continue with the hunting theme. Also, our recent four-player game had Matthew sacrificing a Beorning Beekeeper to damage nine enemies in the staging area – which was quite fun. This got me to thinking, as a bear is wont to do, just how many enemies could one kill in a single round?

So, here are the rules for this competition. Choose any scenario in the game, any mode and any number of players. The contest is to see who can rack up the biggest kill count in a single round. The reason for the one round limitation is that I am not interested in decks which include threat reduction and Will of the West to spend 50 rounds to kill the most enemies. This is more about one epic push to win the game, not about controlling the staging area and picking off a single enemy at a time. Please submit stories of your epic exploits in the comments below.

Style matters; it isn’t just about how many enemies killed, but how you killed them. Creative descriptions and ingenious means for maximum carnage (hint: The Hammer-stroke) are absolutely encouraged. The contest will run until midnight on Monday June 16th so you have a week to get your comments in. The story that I like the most will receive a free copy of the new Khazad-dûm Nightmare Deck, delivered anywhere in the world. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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22 Responses to Contest: Leave None Alive

  1. Pengolodh says:

    Boromir and Théoden headed the defense, standing at the front gate of Cair Andros. Glorfindel stood beside them, the light of Valinor upon his brow, and with it he feared no danger. On his back he bore a Rivendell bow, and in his sheathe he carried a blade of Rivendell, in front of which all enemies wavered. In the midst of the archers stood Brand son of Bain, a black arrow in his quiver. A Hobbit held the rear and he guarded it well; it was Merry Brandybuck, who wielded a dagger from the lands of Westernesse.
    Merry surveyed the battlefield. The fight was a lengthy one, and well fought on both sides; already the Approach was lost, though the Banks were under Gondor’s control. A few minutes previously, Glorfindel had slain the mighty mûmak, yet the Citadel was almost taken. “All hope is lost,” the young Hobbit thought. “There is no chance for Gondor.”
    Suddenly, a flash of white light shone in the distance, and orc arbalesters fell, dead, at Brand’s feet. All the heroes looked up, startled, to see Gandalf the Grey on the horizon. There was hope still.
    It would still be a close battle, but with the aid of Gandalf, the Citadel was saved, and the power of Mordor backfired as a war camp of orcs retreated into the mist. But scrambling over the ridge came orcs, followed by yet more arbalesters.
    Falling back to the breakthrough at the Approach, the heroes discovered that battering rams had followed them. Brand turned to defend his companions from one when a great eagle swooped in suddenly from the skies. It was Landroval, and he took the full brunt of the swing. Merry watched in horror as the eagle’s broken body was trampled by the many feet of orcs.
    Borormir and Glorfindel, angered by this onslaught, charged at the battering ram and hacked it to pieces. The pair chopped through the orcs carrying it and burned the wood itself in front of the entire force of Sauron. “For Gondor! For Gondor!” Boromir cried triumphantly.
    The son of the steward was not through. A scrambling orc pierced Brand’s torso with its sword, and it howled happily. Boromir leaped upon it, yelling a fearsome war cry. With the ferocity of Beorn he hacked off their heads and hands, gruesomely disfiguring them.
    Thusly inspired, Merry partnered with Brand to attack a pair of arbalesters. The orcs fell, and with a burning fire in their hearts the heroes slew another orc of the same rank. Still they did not falter. With a wild yell, Merry threw himself into the fray, fighting the orcs holding another giant battering ram. He sliced and chopped, and against him the orcs did not stand a chance. Yet they outnumbered him greatly. Then Brand, hoisting his great bow of yew, strung a back arrow. it was the very same arrow his grandsire, Bard, had used to slay Smaug the Golden, and he had salvaged it from the body long ago. Now he set it aflame and stoically watched it burn the weapon of the Enemy. There they stood, silently victorious, Hobbit and man of like minds.
    Merry spoke first. “Come,” he said. “It is not over yet!”
    I hope I am not disqualified for flattering the judge with the phrase “with the ferocity of Beorn.” If it is illegal to have any similes of the sort, please let me know.
    It may seem like more, but I and my partner destroyed six enemies in a single round (mûmak does not count; it was the previous round), and I am sure than is not the most amazing thing ever. For those who are interested, the final count was three Orc Arbalesters, two Battering Rams, and one Orc Scrambler. I used a deck of my own creation entitled Warriors of the West, consisting of Théoden, Beregond, and Merry while my partner used Glorfindel (FoS), Boromir (tDM), and Brand son of Bain. Who says Tactics does not have readying effects? Merry and Brand are awesome partners and Boromir isn’t that bad either. I should really use him more often. I apologize if this entry is too long and completely understand if I win the award for “Longest Comment Ever.” Thanks for the great contest, Beorn! Keep it going!

    • Beorn says:

      Very nice. That was truly an epic round, and yet another reminder of why Siege at Cair Andros is one of my all-time favorite quests. Don’t worry about the comment being long, it was exactly the kind of story that I was looking for. The bar has been set, can anyone else’s story best the one told by Pengolodh?

  2. Matthew D. says:

    Does my Beekeeper story count? Granted he didn’t kill anything, and I already own KD nightmare, but I think it was pretty epic! 🙂

    • Beorn says:

      Sure, let me just announce a fellow member of The Grey Company as the winner of my blog contest. I’m sure no one will think that’s suspicious… 😉

  3. Jban says:

    I will describe 3 scenario’s we played very recently. Because mass killing does occur every no and then when we play

    Scenario 1: Massing at Osgiliath – 4 players – Jban/mndela/-nebur-/thedemolishedman

    jban: Aragorn (Le) – Sam – Frodo
    mndela: Brand – Legolas – Thalin
    -nebur-: Hama – Merry – Pippin(Lo)
    thedemolishedman: Eowyn – Glorfindel (Sp) – Eleanor (Not sure about these, but ok)

    About 2 weeks ago we went out to try some new plays in the Massing at Osgilath. I myself focussed on willpower, just as thedemolishedman while -nebur- and mndela were there to combat.

    First round started, I played some hard willpower allies just as thedemolishedman. mndela went for some weapons and -nebur- just played 1 good meal.

    We went into quest phase and thedemolishedman and I managed to win the quest with some little help of Thalin and Pippin. But offcourse those 13 enemies we’re looking down at us. 4 Snagas would engage -nebur- or thedemolishedman.and the wolfs would get to me or mndela. So things looked pretty scaring at that moment, when -nebur- just decided to play hammerstroke with his good meal. 13 enemies engage -nebur-. What was he thinking??

    Well he didn’t fear them and Pippin would give him 9 cards. So he wasn’t that reluctant to do so.
    Because he didn’t play monotactics so he couldn’t just play Thicket of Spears. But than A Good Harvest came into play, he actually could play Thicket of Spears. From then on it was just a walk through the park. Merry + Brand + Legolas killing 13 enemies in 1 go.

    We won easily after this amazing killing spree.

    • Beorn says:

      Pippin drawing nine cards in a single round is awesome! Merry and Brand is definitely one of the most potent combinations that Tactics has to offer. They are a particularly great fit for Massing at Osgiliath, with so many enemies in play. Thanks for a great story.

  4. Jban says:

    Scenario 2:

    Over the Mountains Grimm – 5 players (so not an official game, but ok)

    This time I had the pleasure to do most of the killing. I played Thalin – Bard – Theodred. We needed 2 rounds to get across the mountains, but when we got there we had to reveal 15 new cards. So with 2 surges we had to reveal 17 cards in total and the Great Goblin.

    Once again we got swarmed by enemies. This time we had again 13 enemies that would engage us, all having 1 damage (Except Great Goblin) by Thalin. -nebur- once again played Hammer-Stroke (Glofindel(Sp) – Pippin(Lo) – Merry this time). This time he could draw 12 cards by Pippin, No Thicket of Spears this time, but Out of Sight came to the rescue. We could prevent all from attacking and we even managed to kill the Great Goblin but all other 12 enemies remained engaged with -nebur-.

    We went to the next round and I had options, I had a lot of options. 3 resources on Theodred and 5 om my tactics heroes. I started by playing a Beorning Beekeeper for if they all would return to the staging area by Chaos in the Caverns. Because the encounter deck would get reshuffled, we didn’t want to kill the 3 hitpoint enemies because they nearly all surge and that’s something rather annoying when you need to reveal 5 cards.

    But the 2 hp enemies wouldn’t hurt us if they returned, so therefore I started by exhausting Bard and playing Rain of Arrows. Killed 5 enemies like that and if all 3hp enemies would return to staging, my Beorning Beekeeper could take them all out. So we went to quest, I still had 2 fresh tracks so I could also try to take them out in that fashion.

    We revealed 5 cards and nothing spectacular happened, but we couldnt leave all those enemies engaged with -nebur- could we? So let’s kill them all!!

    Sneak + Orc Slayer and we killed all 8 enemies in play in 1 go.

    Scenario 3: Is very similar to this second scenario, so I leave that epic story for another time

  5. Chuck Wahl says:

    I’m not as good a storyteller as Pengolodh. And I am fairly new to this game. And since I am collecting and doing the quests in order I’m only up to Emyn Muil now. Having said that my experience isn’t so much with the number of monsters killed as it is with WHO was killed in one turn.

    This happened during my last Conflict at the Carrock quest. My Leadership/Tactics deck was sitting around 36 threat when I hit phase 2. So, all 4 named Trolls engaged with that deck. Fortunately, my Spirit/Lore deck had the cards and resources to Forest Snare 2 of the trolls.

    Using Grimbeorn and a chump blocker I easily dealt with the attacks from the remaining 2 Trolls. It was my counter attack phase that effectively ended the scenario. I was able to unleash my Citadel Plated, Dwarven Axed, Dunedain Marked, Unexpected Couraged, 4 damage Gimli. 9 damage output. So, Gimli and Grimbeorn and a Veteran Axehand took out one of the trolls. Then Gimli and 2 horseback archers and a second Veteran Axehand took out the other.

    So, given my limited experience with the game, this is the best I have done so far. I have no misconceptions about actually winning this contest. I just had to share my little story.

    • Beorn says:

      That’s a great story, Chuck. Using Gimli and Citadel Plate remains one of the best ways to get a powerful attacker. Thanks for sharing your story, and enjoy your journey through the game’s scenarios – the first time is always special.

    • Fouilloux says:

      Hum, if I may…
      How did you manage to play the Forest Snare, after the trolls engaged you but before they attacked? Because as it’s an attachment, you can not play it at this time.

      • Chuck Wahl says:

        *rereads the rules more closely*

        Because I thought that a time for player actions meant I could play whatever.


        I may eventually learn how to properly play this game.

  6. Noccus says:

    This game was well over a year ago, when HoN was brand new.
    I do however still recall this epic fight againt WitW.
    Yet I don’t have the time to make a juicey fantasy story out of it, so here’s what happened:

    It was in a 3 player game, and I had Boromir, Legolas & Eleanor.
    My 1st buddy had Aragorn (lore) Frodo & Glorfindel (spirit)
    My 2nd buddy had Imrahil, Beregond & …Theodred….I think.

    So we were on stage 2B and after a staging step there where tentacles all over the place, but at some point buddy 1 got 4 tentacle enemies on him.
    He had already absorbed a lot of our threat through song of earendil, so his threat was high.
    No problem, he could reset it, he was in his mid 40s on threat, and had to use Frodo,
    meaning threat gain or dead heroes, as Glorfindel & Aragorn where exhausted for questing.
    This would be a narrow escape for him.

    Buddy 2 had to defend 1st, and he had 1 tentacle on him.
    He defended with Beregond of course, and could ready him with UC.
    Then it was my turn to defend, and did so with Boromir.
    He got damaged and I readied him.
    (I don’t remember who had which kind of tantacle & shadow effects and what not)

    Now it was buddy 1’s turn. He had Frodo with 2 copies of Fast Hitch on him, one was used after questing, and he had one now to use while defending.
    The 1st tentacle buddy 2 blocked with Beregond and his sentinel ability.
    The 2nd tentacle Frodo blocked, with buddy 1 raising his threat. He readied Frodo.
    The 3rd tentacle went the same way, with one of the two having it’s shadow effect proc.
    He had to place 3 damage from the undefended attack on Glorfindel I think.
    The last tentacle he had to take undefended and he took another 3 damage on Aragorn, as he would threat out if he took it with Frodo as he was now in his high 40s.

    It was our turn to attack, but things looked grim.
    Buddy 1 & 2 had all their heroes exhausted, as most had gone questing. (no LoV on Glorf.)
    He would surely die next turn if we didn’t get rid of all the tentacles.
    So here’s what I did: (and I remember this part well because I shined!)
    Firstly I hacked my own tentacle to pieces with Boromir, and readied him again.
    Then I had Legolas shoot with rain of arrows at buddy 1. (NEVER before I used this card, and never did use it anywhere nearly as effective afterwards; while I did try…)
    So all his four enemies took 1 damage. 2 hp left to deal with.
    Then I used Boromir’s sacrifice ability to add another 2 damage, and kill them all off!
    This triggered Imrahil’s ability, making it possible for buddy 2 to chop off his tentacle!
    That’s six tentacles gone in one round! Four at one player’s side!

    Next round buddy 1 had reset his threat so he could soak up more, AND he used good meal with Fortune or Fate to bring my Boromir back!
    We were back in buisness! Time to take out the Watcher!

    I’ll leave it at that, as the part that’s important has been told.
    It’s as epic a boss fight as you can get. A tentacle slaying fest!
    I can just picture Boromir rampaging through all the spaghetti, wading in the water, then getting killed at the last by the watcher itself, while saving the rest, inspiring Imrahil to take another one down….awesome…

    • Beorn says:

      Boromir’s Sacrifice is always exhilarating, when you can make it work. Bonus points for using Rain of Arrows. That card is underused now, but I suspect it will see a newfound usefulness with all of the Silvan cards coming. Thanks for sharing this epic round.

  7. Addison Fox says:

    This isn’t a story of wanton bloodshed, but a story of assassination. Nonetheless, I submit it here because it was the singlehanded cause of our triumph in our final assault against the Witch King as he stood on Weathertop.

    It seems likely the lot of you are familiar with the warty scum of Bree, Bill Ferny, and you know his constant feeding of information to the underclasses is the number one cause of infirmity and pain during your march through Midgewater, as he alternately raises Evil’s awareness of your fellowship or alerts the Nazgul themselves to your presence and directs them post-haste to your location.

    The six of us arrived at the Prancing Pony, my stout companions Pippin, Merry, and Samwise and my stouter companions Brand, his grandfather Bard, and Legolas the elf. We had not yet entered the door of the tavern when Bard frowned. He pulled from his back his Great Yew Bow, nocked the Black Arrow he used to slay Smaug the Terrible and salvaged from his grim breast, and placing his Hands Upon the Bow fired what seemed to be a blind shot into a window of the building at random. A scream came from inside, and the hobbits rushed inside to see what he had struck. There stood Bill Ferny, the Black Arrow lodged through his throat pinning him to the wall behind. The arrow was unrecoverable, of course, claimed as it was as evidence in the eventual constabulary investigation, but by then we were done with our drinks and well on our way through the Midgewater Marshes, our heads down to avoid detection.

    • Addison Fox says:

      (Incidentally, the Great Yew Bow was relevant to the story because I was immediately able to exhaust it to Foe-Hammer and refill my hand. It was the best turn 1 ever.)

    • Beorn says:

      I too loathe the dastardly and conniving Bill Ferny. It makes my heart glad any time I can read a story of his demise. Thanks for the well-told tale, Addison.

  8. Boromir made the greatest sacrifice of all in a recent play-through of The Seventh Level.

    Typical of the son of Gondor, Boromir commanded Beregond, Beorn and Pippin(Spirit), Frodo, and Bilbo to hold off on killing the Goblins until the last moment when he could deal the most damage. His bravado payed off, Boromir drew the attention of the foul creatures with “The Hammer Stroke” and slew 14 GOBLINS in one epic sacrificial move!!!

    How would Boromir’s sacrifice for Frodo in the Tomb of Balin affect the Fellowship’s journey? We may never know…

  9. Dor Cuarthol says:

    Sadly, I doubt I’ll have time to put it all together by Monday, so this is a hypothetical, rather than a session report, but I’ve long felt that there was potential for some truly epic combat in multi-player Journey along the Anduin using the following cards:
    Tactics player, 3x Gondiran Spearman, each with a Spear of the Citadel. Be sure to save up a few resources, it’s probably also worth having Beregond around.
    Leadership player pushes through the second quest stage using Aragorn/Sword that was Broken/Faramir and Visionary Leadership for a Gondor willpower swarm.

    The players reach the final stage. Tactics player plays the Hammer-Stroke, and engages an enormous pile of enemies.
    the Spirit player who has been stockpiling resources plays Light the Beacons.
    Tactics player plays Stand Together.
    He can now use his 4 characters (Beregond and his 3 generic friends) to put 17 defence in front of each enemy (I’m assuming Beregond has a shield by this point), without exhausting to do so, and putting 6 direct damage onto those enemies in the process.

    If you’ve been unfortunate enough to just encounter a 2nd Hill-Troll or a Marsh Adder (the only things which would be left standing) you’ve got plenty of characters left to finish them off.

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