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Deck: Caldara’s Sacrifice

Even since I first picked up a copy of Blood of Gondor at GenCon, I have been puzzled by the Spirit hero Caldara. At first glance, her ability seems entirely counter-productive. Strategically speaking, sacrificing a hero to put at most … Continue reading

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News: The Grey Company

It is my great pleasure to announce a new Podcast, of which I am a participant. The Grey Company is a Lord of the Rings LCG podcast that will focus on in-depth strategy and deck-building discussion. Joining me are Ian … Continue reading

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Custom Cards: The Fifth Sphere

For anyone who has not yet seen it, Ian has a great contest running over at Tales from the Cards. The idea is to create a new sphere for the game. This is an exciting challenge, and I definitely encourage … Continue reading

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Key Concepts: Shielding

In medieval combat, a shield is frequently worn on a warrior’s off-hand to protect what would otherwise be the weak side of their body. Your weapon can be used to parry and block many attacks, which is precisely why a … Continue reading

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Play Report: Trouble at the Lonely Mountain

Derek (frequent guest writer at The Master of Lore’s blog) and I just finished an exciting journey to the Lonely Mountain, where Smaug was none too pleased at our burgling. But victory was ours at last, as we successfully liberated … Continue reading

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