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News: El Libro Rojo De Bolsón Cerrado

Es muy emocionante ver nuestra comunidad crecer, sobre todo cuando es al rededor del mundo. Siempre he tenido un lugar muy especial en mi corazón peludito por la lengua española, es un lenguaje tan hermoso como las canciones de los elfos. Así … Continue reading

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Bear Market: Rethinking Some Staples

The metagame shifts and wriggles, just like a salmon winding its way up-river. Some cards increase in value, enhanced by an emergent archetype, or a particular theme in new quests. Other cards, however, are diminished by one or more trends in … Continue reading

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Deck: Refuge at Henneth Annûn

The work put before Faramir and his rangers of Ithilien was nigh impossible. Tasked with holding off the onslaught of the Dark Lord’s forces from Mordor into Osgiliath, they were sorely undermanned. The still proud people of Gondor lay directly in … Continue reading

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