One of the best things about The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is the wonderful community which has grown up around the game. With multiple podcasts and blogs, search engines and forums, there is a plethora of resources for players. If you have suggestions of sites to add this list, please contact us.


The Grey Company Podcast
Cardboard of the Rings
Card Talk


Name Founded Latest Post
Tales from the Cards Dec 2012 Mar 2018
The Master of Lore Feb 2013 Jan 2018
Dor Cuarthol Jan 2014 Dec 2017
Second Hand Took Oct 2014 June 2018
Warden of Arnor Oct 2016 July 2018
Darkling Door Oct 2016 July 2018
Warriors of the West Oct 2016 July 2018
LOTR Deck Testing Ground Dec 2017 July 2018
Unfinished Trails Aug 2017 July 2018
Vision of the Palantir Jan 2018 July 2018
The White Tower Feb 2018 July 2018
The Road Feb 2018 July 2018
Reflection in Henneth Annûn Apr 2018 July 2018

Video Channels

Name Founded Latest Update
The Progression Series Dec 2012 Nov 2017
Teatime Tales (Tales from the Cards) Mar 2018 Apr 2018
Glaurung’s YouTube Channel Jan 2013 Jan 2017
Cardboard of the Rings Podcast Twitch Mar 2014 July 2018
Seastan’s YouTube Channel May 2015 May 2018
LotR Deck Tech YouTube Channel Nov 2017 July 2018
Wandering Took’s YouTube Channel Jan 2018 July 2018
Más Allá de la Puerta Negra (Español) May 2018 July 2018
Card Talk Oct 2018 Present

Foreign Language Blogs

Name Language Founded Latest Update
Die Männer von Gondor Deutsch Sep 2013 Oct 2016
Susurros del Bosque Viejo Español Jun 2014 July 2018
Temný hvozd Slovak Oct 2014 July 2018
Viajando con El Señor de los Anillos LCG Español July 2015 April 2016
El Libro Rojo De Bolsón Cerrado Español Aug 2015 Sep 2017
Les Chants d’Ilùvatar Français Feb 2016 July 2016

Old Blogs

Name Founded Latest Update
The End May Be Dark Aug 2014 Dec 2017
The Shadow Archive Sep 2016 July 2017
LotR Deck Tech April 2016 May 2017
Cave of Gollum Dec 2016 Dec 2016
Expecting Mischief Dec 2015 Nov 2016
The Mirkwood Runner March 2015 July 2016
A Very Good Tale May 2016 Jun 2016
Peace and Thought Oct 2015 Oct 2016
Outpost Zero – The Lord of the Rings LCG Jun 2014 Oct 2015
Very Late Adventurer Sep 2015 Oct 2015
Heroes of the Rings March 2015 Aug 2015

Community Resources

LotR LCG Quest Companion
GeckoTH’s OCTGN Resources
Master of Lore’s LOTR LCG Atlas
Map of LotR LCG Players
Card Game DB Deck Lists
Digital Threat Tracker

Search Engines

Hall of Beorn Card Search
Card Game DB
LotR LCG Search Engine

Deck Builders

Rings DB
The Rivendell Councilroom
Card Game DB Deck Builder
Der Deckbauer (Deutsch)

Game Software

The CardWarden


FFG Community Forums
CotR Discord LotR Channel
Board Game Geek Forums
Card Game DB Forums
LotR LCG Subreddit
Le Seigneur des Anneaux (Français)

3 Responses to Community

  1. Gil Winters says:

    Hi there! I have created Arkham Horror LCG scenarios for OCTGN, using some of the fan-made scenarios on BGG (with the permission of the original creators). I’d like to get involved in the Arkham Horror LCG for OCTGN ‘process’ so these scenarios can be packaged and distributed the right way. Who should I be talking to about this?

    Gil Winters
    Brisbane, Australia

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