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Alternate Art: Zero is not Nothing

As much as I enjoy making mono-sphere decks, there is always the temptation to go the other direction and include three or even all four spheres in a deck. There are so many good cards spread across spheres that it … Continue reading

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Deck: Brave Explorers

As I play more three and four player games, locations are quickly becoming a thorn in my furry side. Nothing is more frustrating that having all of your soldiers lined up and ready for battle, only to lose to location-lock. With … Continue reading

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Deck: Warriors of the White Tower

As much as I wanted Theoden to be the answer for Mono-Tactics decks to be viable solo, his ability is just too limited to make a difference. The reality is, for all but the most battle-heavy scenarios, Mono-Tactics still works … Continue reading

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Deck: The Spirit of Gondor

As the card pool expands, designing decks around a specific faction becomes a more realistic option. While many see the new spirit hero from Gondor as a disappointment, Caldara has decent stats, and her ability can be used effectively in … Continue reading

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Deck: Faramir and the Rangers of Ithilien

Since the release of Assault on Osgiliath, I have wanted to design a deck around Faramir. The captain of the rangers of Ithilien has always been one of my favorite characters and I was hoping to unleash this long-awaited hero’s potential. … Continue reading

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Deck: Boromir Leads the Charge!

On the most recent episode of The Grey Company podcast, our discussion about deck-building has inspired me to try something a little bit different. For most of the Against the Shadow cycle, the Gondor trait seemed to be sadly under-developed, … Continue reading

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Key Concepts: Shielding

In medieval combat, a shield is frequently worn on a warrior’s off-hand to protect what would otherwise be the weak side of their body. Your weapon can be used to parry and block many attacks, which is precisely why a … Continue reading

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