Alternate Art: Starlight on the Western Seas

O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
We still remember, we who dwell
In this far land beneath the trees.
Thy starlight on the Western Seas.
– The Fellowship of the Ring

The Eldar bring a sense of mystery to Tolkien’s legendarium. They represent a link between the world of men, which more closely resembles our world, and the world of the Valar which places Tolkien’s writing at the head of the fantasy pantheon. With the Elven Rings of Power, the epoch-long influence of the Noldor and the Teleri on the shaping of history in Middle-earth.

A synthesis of ideas which have percolated for some time, this deck brings together tribal strategies, mono-sphere design, and attachment-centered design concepts. Continuing in the vein of my recent alternate art projects, all of the player cards feature the works of Magali Villeneuve. Her iconic pieces of elves have provided a signature for the visual style of this game.

From a strategy standpoint, this deck is exists as the hybrid of hero-centric decks and ally swarm. To fully realize the power of Narya, we obviously need at least two allies in play, and allies fill a role in combat which is the one real weakness of our heroes. Moreover, it is only natural to include a good number of allies in order to best utilize Galadriel’s passive ability.

This deck is also well-suited as a questing and support deck in multiplayer, where you can share Narya and Nenya’s abilities across the table. For solo play, it may not be the best choice for combat heavy quests which do not allow sufficient time to setup your ally army. Given time, you can amass an impressive board state, thanks to Glorfindel and Guardian of Rivendell. Wild Stallion complements Narya’s effect and can confer an ally with heroic combat prowess.

Events here provide a late-game punch. A timely use of Lords of the Eldar or Shadows Give Way can often be the moment when victory is assured. Cancellation and threat reduction are mainstays of the Noldor archetype, so A Test of Will and Elrond’s Counsel should be no surprise here. There is nothing radical about the design here, but I’ve found this deck to be a perfect compliment to combat-oriented decks which don’t want to concern themselves with questing, threat control or cancellation.

I hope that you enjoy this deck as much as I do, and the beautiful alternate art certainly adds to that enjoyment. You can find the full deck list on RingsDB. As always, contact the Hall if you are interested in printable versions of these images. May your adventures in Middle-earth be bless by the light of the Elves!





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