This page is a convenient place to come and see all of the deck lists that have been posted on the blog. In addition to linking to the original blog article, links are included to the deck lists on RingsDB. If you have comments or suggestions about any of the decks, feel free to leave them below.

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Be Our Guest » RingsDB

Valiant Defense » RingsDB

Bloodless Victory » RingsDB

Wilderland Wildlife Sanctuary » RingsDB

Ride to Bruin » RingsDB

The Second Coming » RingsDB

The Old Elf and the Sea » RingsDB

The Last Temptation of Boromir » RingsDB

Nouveau Hunters » RingsDB

Nightmare in the Fog » RingsDB

Grimbeorn’s Path » RingsDB

Sons of Númenor » RingsDB

All the Pretty Horses » RingsDB

Wandering in Search of the Entwives » RingsDB

Starlight on the Western Seas » RingsDB

Bear Jamboree » RingsDB

The Three Hunters Aggro v2 » RingsDB

Seven Stars and Seven Stones » RingsDB

The Greatest Adventure » RingsDB

A Weary Pilgrim » RingsDB

Aggro Outlands » RingsDB

Whispers in the Trees » RingsDB

Carrock and Eyrie » RingsDB

Hungarian Goulash » RingsDB

Shire Yard Sale » RingsDB

Leading Dale to Glory » RingsDB

!Las Chingonas! » RingsDB

Songs for Rosie » RingsDB

Aggro Caldara v4 » RingsDB

The Red Arrow » RingsDB

Portugal. The Deck » RingsDB

Book Club Episode 57 » RingsDB

Book Club Episode 56 » RingsDB

Secret Paths Through the Drúadan Forest » RingsDB

The Storm Comes » RingsDB

The Sixth Bear Army » RingsDB

A Bear on Vacation » RingsDB

Aggro Gondor » RingsDB

Aggro Caldara » RingsDB

Dúnhere Strider » RingsDB

Middle-earth, Without Immigrants » RingsDB

Tremendousness » RingsDB

Memory of Elder Days » RingsDB

Beauty and the Beast » RingsDB

Fear No Darkness » RingsDB

Longshanks » RingsDB

Last Guardians of Arnor » RingsDB

The Three Hunters Aggro » RingsDB

Armies of Dol Amroth » RingsDB

Aggro Caldara v2 » RingsDB

Bears and Birds in the Trees » RingsDB

Model UN » RingsDB

Another Bizarre Haldir Cameo » RingsDB

Marty and Biff: Trap to the Future » RingsDB

Palantir Interrogation » RingsDB

Aggro Caldara » RingsDB

Dead on Arrival » RingsDB

Charge of the Light Brigade » RingsDB

Grandma Brings All the Scouts to the Party » RingsDB

Party Animals » RingsDB

The Grudge » RingsDB

Counsels of the Wise » RingsDB

Círdan, A Power Long Hidden » RingsDB

Reaches of the Realm » RingsDB

With a little help from my friends » RingsDB

The Dúnedain Trappers » RingsDB

The Bear’s Revenge » RingsDB

Rally the Troops » RingsDB

Refuge at Henneth Annûn » RingsDB

A Walk with Fangorn » RingsDB

Champion of Gondor » RingsDB

Revenge of the Nerds » RingsDB

The Wind Beneath My Wings » RingsDB

The Might of Rohan » RingsDB

For the Shire! » RingsDB

Mining the Core » RingsDB

Eagles and Ents » RingsDB

Wisdom, Bravery and Folly » RingsDB

The House of Elrond

Defenders of Rhovanion » RingsDB

Brave Explorers » RingsDB

Look to the Skies » RingsDB

Beorn the Arrow-eater » RingsDB

Rohan Cavalry » RingsDB

Daughters of Númenor (and Valinor) » RingsDB

Sons of Númenor » RingsDB

Haldir the Hunter » RingsDB

Gen Con 2014 (Fellowship) » RingsDB

Out of Ithilien » RingsDB

Aggro Boromir » RingsDB

The Window on the West » RingsDB

Creature Feature » RingsDB

The White Council » RingsDB

Boromir’s Sacrifice » RingsDB

Ride Them Down! » RingsDB

The Lure of Power » RingsDB

Westfold to the Rescue » RingsDB

The Battle of Five Armies

Digging Too Deep » RingsDB

A Desperate Gambit » RingsDB

The Armies of Gondor

Outlands Secrecy

Caldara’s Sacrifice » RingsDB

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe » RingsDB

Rangers and Traps » RingsDB

Gen Con 2013 (Stone of Erech)

Prisoner of the Dark Forest » RingsDB

Reclaiming Khazad-dûm » RingsDB

Three Kings, a Queen, and a Prince » RingsDB

The Grey Company Defends Gondor » RingsDB

Magali Tribute » RingsDB

Beorn Attacks! » RingsDB

Masters of the Forest » RingsDB

The Field of Cormallen » RingsDB

Isildur’s Heir » RingsDB

Flight to the Ford » RingsDB

Two Kingdoms Reunited » RingsDB

Háma Takes Archery Lessons » RingsDB

Bard Goes Hunting » RingsDB

The Island of Misfit Heroes » RingsDB

Balin Holds the Line » RingsDB

The Rohirrim Ride with the Grey Company » RingsDB

The Power of the Palantir » RingsDB

Lore Mastery » RingsDB

Dwarves at the Circus

  • Eagles, and Horses, and Bears, Oh My! » RingsDB
  • The Dwarves and Faramir » RingsDB

Location Control » RingsDB

Beorn’s Path Decks

Gluttony » RingsDB

Boromir and the Seven Dwarves » RingsDB

Vilya, The Ring of Air » RingsDB

Direct Damage

Renewed Friendships

Battle of the Pelennor Fields

Secrets of Erebor

Protectors of Imladris

24 Responses to Decks

  1. hendersondayton says:

    Hey Dan, Are there any APs that you typically don’t use any cards out of? When building your deck files I am noticing that you have a real affinity for the HoN expansion…I was curious, are there any expansions that you would not waste money on buying because it really doesn’t gain you anything beyond inventory?

    • Beorn says:

      Yes, Heirs of Numenor has some really great cards, especially for Tactics and Lore. In general I would say that I use most of the APs. As for expansions, Khazad-dum also has some good cards, especially Bifur, Erebor Record-Keeper, and Erebor Battle Master.

      It’s tough to single out APs to skip, honestly. Even APs with “weaker” heroes like Brand son of Bain (As one of few Tactics heroes with 2 Willpower, I think he’s actually underrated) still include some really great cards like Gildor Inglorion and The Riddermark’s Finest. Also the 4 songs included in the first 5 APs of Shadows of Mirkwood (Journey to Rhosgobel has Radagast instead of a song) really help with multi-sphere decks. Dwarrowdelf is no different, in fact the cards only get better as the cycle progresses.

      It might just be the way that I design decks, but I find that I use every AP and expansion in the game. Sometimes, as was the case with Renewed Friendship, just to prove that an overlooked card can be really useful in the right deck.

      If you really want to limit your purchases, I would recommend picking two spheres and building your decks around those for now. This will make it a lot easier to decide which APs you can hold off on purchasing. Also, if you aren’t really a fan of Dwarves, KD is something else that you can obviously do without.

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  13. Sean says:

    Ok so get with making my gandalf secrecy deck… I know it will work… Resourceful and staff oh my… Haven’t figured out quite how to build it yet…. Spirit or knowledge, not sure….

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  15. Rob says:

    What I have been trying to understand is why people don’t use mono decks more often. I should preface this by reviewing that in the rules it clearly states that you can only pay for a card if it matches THAT SPHERE. So why would you play with three different sphere heroes? That would mean you would only receive 1 resource per sphere per round. That isn’t enough for the vast majority of cards in this game. And isn’t resources like the money in LoTR LCG? I mean you can’t play most cards without enough resources and those cards completely aid your actions (questing, defending or attacking). So why wouldn’t you run a really tight deck in ONE sphere? Usually I run one Spirit and Tactics double-fisted decks and usually my wife runs a Lore deck. This way with a few “song” attachments that helps generate even more resources, just about any and all cards are available to us, thus increasing our chances to beat the game. On a side note; allies seem to be key to this game as well because they generate much more numbers in actions on a consistent basis for your deck. But back to the mono deck issue; Why do people mix spheres when it seems to be a more difficult and a higher percentage of losing? Doesn’t that make your chances of playing more cards more difficult?

  16. Daniel Lane says:

    If you have only one core set, the passage through mirkwood cycle, and the hobbit expansions whats the best decks you could come up with? I suck at making decks and by the time i do make one I’m too stressed or tired to play.

    • Beorn says:

      With that card pool a Dwarf deck is a logical choice. Something around Dain Ironfoot should work. There are a bunch of useful Dwarf cards in Khazad-dum deluxe box, but lacking that you might have to splash a few non-Dwarf cards. Éowyn as one of your heroes is an option. Not as thematic, but it gives you access to A Test of Will and allows you to dedicate most of your allies to focus on combat.

  17. vincent says:

    Hi Beorn.

    I really like your decks but i have a hard time figuring out which one applies best to which scenario (since there are now so many).

    Any good tips for me to know which deck i should use for any given scenario?



    • Beorn says:

      I’m glad that you enjoy the decks. At this point in the game there is such a wide variety of quests, some with very specific constraints on which decks will excel. Even a high level categorization of quests would be a monumental task, unfortunately. If there are a few decks in particular which you like, I can point out the kinds of quests for which they are well-suited. I’m sorry that I can’t provide more specific answers, but between the number of decks and the number of quests, this is kind of a needle in a haystack problem.

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