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Merry Christmas!

The Hall of Beorn would like to wish a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers. The first year of this blog has been a lot of fun and I hope that everyone enjoyed reading the … Continue reading

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Deck: Warriors of the White Tower

As much as I wanted Theoden to be the answer for Mono-Tactics decks to be viable solo, his ability is just too limited to make a difference. The reality is, for all but the most battle-heavy scenarios, Mono-Tactics still works … Continue reading

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Deck: The Spirit of Gondor

As the card pool expands, designing decks around a specific faction becomes a more realistic option. While many see the new spirit hero from Gondor as a disappointment, Caldara has decent stats, and her ability can be used effectively in … Continue reading

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Deck: Faramir and the Rangers of Ithilien

Since the release of Assault on Osgiliath, I have wanted to design a deck around Faramir. The captain of the rangers of Ithilien has always been one of my favorite characters and I was hoping to unleash this long-awaited hero’s potential. … Continue reading

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Discussion: Peter Jackson, Please Don’t Mess This Up!

Mrs. Beorn and I are headed to the theater to join our friends in watching The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. To say that I am excited to see myself portrayed on the big screen is an understatement. Still, there … Continue reading

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News: December 2013

With the holidays upon us, news has slowed down a bit from FFG, but there are always goings on worth mentioning in the community at large. The Voice of Isengard is On the Boat Now that the Against the Shadow … Continue reading

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Recipes: Food In the Hobbit As someone who loves food, and The Hobbit, I could not resist sharing this great site with my readers! Using letters from Tolkien, and his books as source material, they provide recipes for all of the food mentioned in … Continue reading

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Contest Winner: A Very Good Tale

In our latest contest, readers were asked to share their favorite story, poem, or anecdote related to the Lord of the Rings LCG. There were some genuinely great entries, and I sincerely wish that I had multiple copies of The … Continue reading

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Play Report: The Grey Company Survives The Morgul Vale

Matthew, Ian and I were able to defeat the three captains of The Morgul Vale and emerge victorious. This scenario takes some careful strategy, a little luck, and ends up being a lot of fun solo or multi-player.

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Deck: Boromir Leads the Charge!

On the most recent episode of The Grey Company podcast, our discussion about deck-building has inspired me to try something a little bit different. For most of the Against the Shadow cycle, the Gondor trait seemed to be sadly under-developed, … Continue reading

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