News: December 2013

With the holidays upon us, news has slowed down a bit from FFG, but there are always goings on worth mentioning in the community at large.

The Voice of Isengard is On the Boat

SarumanNow that the Against the Shadow cycle is complete, we all eagerly await the release of the next deluxe expansion: The Voice of Isengard. Some recognizable, and long-sought cards like Eomer and Saruman have already been previewed, but questions remain. Who will the other hero card be? Will there be Ent player cards?

The doomed and time cards certainly look to add an interesting wrinkle to the game, as do the new Dunlending enemies. The designers are definitely keeping the metagame on its toes by specifically punishing decks which rely on card drawing effects. Other cards are about to receive increased attention with doomed player cards running amok.

In particular, Spirit-based threat reduction effects as well as the Strider (Lore) version of Aragorn should be in great demand for their ability to manage rapidly increasing threat totals. Those interested can join the discussion and speculation on the FFG message boards.

The Grey Company Podcast: Episode 3 – The Morgul Vale

Morgul Tracker (small)For those seeking an in-depth discussion of the finale to the Against the Shadow cycle, look no further than the latest episode of The Grey Company Podcast. We discuss strategy for solo and multi-player, review specific encounter cards, and retell in detail how we designed and played our decks to defeat the scenario.

For anyone looking for some help dealing with this challenging quest, or just curious about what kinds of decks we used, this episode should be quite interesting.

For those that have not yet purchased this Adventure Pack, be warned that the episode does contain spoilers. The deck that I used for our epic multi-player game is a modification of an earlier Secrecy deck: Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe. We also announced our first contest, so for anyone interested in winning a copy of The Morgul Vale, you should go submit your favorite custom traitor card on our Facebook page. We hope that you enjoy this latest episode, and as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Tales from the Cards Spotlights the Ride to Ruin

Rohan (small)Over at Tales from the Cards, Ian has shared a really fun Rohan-themed deck list. Featuring Théodred, Dunhere and Háma, along with some of the great cards released recently, the deck showcases Rohan synergy that simply did not exist before.

In particular, I like his use of Eomund and Ride to Ruin to not only clear locations, but ready your entire army of Rohirrim in the bargain. It is likewise good to see the door warden of Edoras used with something other than Feint. In this case, Háma can return Forth Eorlingas! or Quick Strike, both very effective ways of killing enemies before they have the chance to attack. For anyone interested in Rohan deck, or new ways to use heroes that have been around a long time, this is a deck spotlight you won’t want to miss.

Cardboard of the Rings Episode 53 – Laugh Track

CotROur friends over at Cardboard of the Rings have a new episode for everyone to enjoy. In addition to a review of the player cards from The Morgul Value, they enter into an interesting discussion about the importance of story in the game. As an added bonus, Brian brings his best fake laugh to the proceedings, and hilarity ensues. Definitely check out their latest episode for a good dose of fun along with their take on the upcoming Voice of Isengard release.

Giant Bear Makes Search Engine

Bear with GlassesWith recent events leaving the community without a simple card search engine, I decided to take things into my own paws. The result is the new Hall of Beorn card search. The aim is for it to be easy to use, work on mobile devices, and have a URL scheme that never changes (no more broken links!).

So far, I feel like it is doing a good job of meeting these goals, but I am always looking to improve the site and make it the best LotR LCG search engine available. In coming days, I will be looking into a solution for translating existing links, but that may end up being a more involved process. Hopefully, we can get clean up all of the dead links on this site, and friendly sites like Tales from the Cards. If anyone has any suggestions or constructive criticism, I would love to hear it. The site is my gift to the community, happy holidays everyone!

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3 Responses to News: December 2013

  1. lotrquester says:

    One thing that would be nice is the number of cards in the set. I used for that – to know how many of each encounter card goes in the set and for how many players cards that were in the core set.

    • Beorn says:

      In the details page for each card, under the card title itself is the set that the card is part of, the card number and the quantity of that card in parentheses. For example, for Core Set Aragorn:

      Core Set #1 (x1)

      Heroes are always x1, all other player cards are x3 and the encounter cards vary in quantity. I haven’t yet loaded all of the card metadata for some of the newer sets (Stone of Erech, for example), so that will be missing for some cards, but I am working on getting all of that information in place. Let me know if there is anything else that would help to make the card search more useful.

  2. Thanks for this it’s now my favourite for quickly referencing cards. For more proactive use – tinkering with deck ideas being able to select multiple options in the categories would be handy – ie all Rohan & Gondor allies in spirit & leadership that cost 3 or less. Of course they may have to wait for the deckbuilder 😉

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