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Bear Market: Silvan Cards

In economic terms, a living card game acts just like a market. As the card pool grows, some cards gain in value, while others diminish. In some cases a new card will provide a boost to existing cards that had seemed worthless. … Continue reading

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Contest Winner: Raiding the Kitchen of Orthanc

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this idea sooner. Judging this contest is as happy as a bear can be – there has been so much good food to eat! Mrs. Beorn and I want to extend a … Continue reading

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The Lure of Power

One of the recurring themes in The Lord of the Rings is the temptation that power presents. Tolkien argues that sources of great power serve to distort and betray the purposes of those who would choose to wield them. The … Continue reading

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Contest: Raiding the Kitchen of Orthanc

‘All in good time,’ said Legolas. ‘We were the hunters, and you should give an account of yourselves to us first.’ ‘Or Second,’ said Gimli. ‘It would go better after a meal. I have a sore head; and it is … Continue reading

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Narrow Escape from the Fords of Isen

I was at 48 threat, Brand was killed, and Beorn and Sam were each one hit point from death, but I was able to survive the Fords of Isen. The MVP of the game was a 7 attack 7 defense … Continue reading

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News: Voice of Isengard Player Card Spoilers

After working my paws sore, I am pleased to announce that spoilers for the Voice of Isengard are now available on the Hall of Beorn Card Search. You can find them by clicking here. For those who are curious, the … Continue reading

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Community News – February 2014

Voice of Isengard Officially Released After what was starting to feel like an interminable wait, FFG officially announced the release of the Voice of Isengard this week. The deluxe expansion kicks off the Ring-maker Cycle and introduces some interesting new … Continue reading

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Community News – December 2013

With the holidays upon us, news has slowed down a bit from FFG, but there are always goings on worth mentioning in the community at large. The Voice of Isengard is On the Boat Now that the Against the Shadow … Continue reading

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