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Key Concepts: Control

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War Fighting a battle involves managing risk on many levels. Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is no different. Everything from keeping your heroes alive, … Continue reading

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Custom Cards: The Last Stand of the Rohirrim

After my seeing my article of Hobbit-related custom cards, a reader by the name of John Michel was inspired to make some cards of his own. I enjoy sharing my ideas with fellow fans of the game, but it is especially … Continue reading

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A Hint of Things to Come?

Mitch from the Progression Series has a new Youtube channel called The Tenth Nazgûl – I encourage everyone to check it out!

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Deck: Digging Too Deep

As we eagerly await the release of The Voice of Isengard, now is a good time for a bit of a diversion. Whether they were designed for thematic realism, brutal efficiency, or were some hybrid of the two, most of … Continue reading

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Deck: A Desperate Gambit

Sending Frodo to destroy the One Ring was a desperate gambit by Gandalf and Elrond, but they felt it held their best hope of defeating Sauron. Certainly Sauron, isolated for so long in his own evil thoughts, would never imagine … Continue reading

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History: Absent, But Not Forgotten

Ever since the game was first released, there has existed a cast of “missing” characters. The core set included nine recognizable heroes (Thalin, Eleanor and Beravor don’t count), and four unique allies (no, Henamarth Riversong and Brok Ironfist don’t count). … Continue reading

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The Grey Company: Troll Exterminators For Hire

After some deck tweaks, and with much help from Archers, Creatures, Errand-Riders, and a very timely Greeting from the Elves, we managed to successfully defeat Nightmare Conflict at the Carrock! Our apologies go out to Eowyn – the shield maiden … Continue reading

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The Grey Company Defends The Carrock From Nightmarish Trolls

It was valiantly fought, but in the end we were overwhelmed by too many locations in the staging area.

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History: Lord of the Rings LCG Timeline (Updated 4/30/2018)

As I mentioned in my earlier discussion of play style, the Galadriel player is focused on aesthetics and staying true to the theme of the source material. With hundreds of character spanning four ages and thousands of years, it can … Continue reading

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Key Concepts: Resource Curves

Even with mono-sphere decks on the rise, resource management remains vital to successful deck design. Whether you are building a Rohan quest-rush deck, a Gondorian Ranger deck with traps and staging area tricks, or a deck featuring the power of … Continue reading

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