Custom Cards: The Last Stand of the Rohirrim

After my seeing my article of Hobbit-related custom cards, a reader by the name of John Michel was inspired to make some cards of his own. I enjoy sharing my ideas with fellow fans of the game, but it is especially nice to see others inspired to create. In particular, a Tactics version of Eowyn is a card which I have always wanted to see. Her existing Spirit hero is no doubt a powerful card, but I could never see her facing down the Witch-king of Angmar.

I quite like John Michel’s version, and the Spirit Merry card that he designed to accompany her is wonderfully thematic. One the details of the design that I particularly appreciate is how well Eowyn pairs with Théoden, a hero that still seems incomplete with the current card pool. Merry’s ability is focused but useful and Spirit and Tactics make a great combination for Rohan. I am excited to see this archetype improved with the Voice of Isengard and its cycle. What alternate version of existing heroes have you always wanted to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below and thanks again to John Michel for contributing his custom cards!

John Michel - Tactics Eowyn John Michel - Spirit Merry

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6 Responses to Custom Cards: The Last Stand of the Rohirrim

  1. I’ve always wanted to see a version of Eowyn with a focused anti-Nazgul ability – something like “exhaust Eowyn and place 3 damage on her to deal X damage to one Nazgul enemy in play, where X is the number of hit points remaining on that enemy.” Obviously that’s a very niche card in terms of its usefulness – maybe it could appear in a future Saga expansion. Potentially you could make it “exhaust Eowyn and a Hobbit character you control” and then change it to “any enemy”

    I do really like the way that the Merry above combos with the Eowyn.

  2. Scroll Lock says:

    I like my Eowyn more :p

    Just joking, nice cards. Well built combo but you need some healing and defense boosts.

  3. banania says:

    The ability of Eowyn is very thematic 🙂 love it

  4. TalesfromtheCards says:

    Nice cards! I love that they are very well balanced and aren’t overpowered. A Tactics version of Eowyn is definitely on my wishlist, and she better be able to kill a Nazgul!

  5. Tonskillitis says:

    Great cards. Looking forward to the tactics Dernhelm reprint of Eowyn. She is one of the more significant characters of the books and should be powerful without having a high threat (I’m looking at you Theoden!). She was not a renowned warrior but could certainly handle herself and I hope that they reflect this is in the card… Ride Rohirrim!

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