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Big as a House

Here I am! As you all probably know by now: I arrive precisely when I mean to. Some of you already now me as GandalfDK from the Deck Spotlights on COTR.com or from the COTR Discord server. After several journeys … Continue reading

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Make Middle-earth Great Again

Dear Númenor, It’s been a long slow decline into mediocrity for this fair island. It’s time to make Middle-earth great again, starting with our proud country. People say it can’t be done. Idiots. Not only is it possible – but I’m … Continue reading

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Metagame: Part 6 – A Unique Challenge

There are several core mechanics which all of Fantasy Flight’s Living Card Games share. In a sense, these fundamental aspects are what defines all of the disparate games as LCGs. The concept of unique cards is one such rule, and it is … Continue reading

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Contest: Heroic Deeds

Greetings, readers! I hope that the holiday season finds you well. I always love this season of the year, as I have ample opportunity for delicious honey-cakes before it is comes time to hibernate. In the spirit of giving, and … Continue reading

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Decks: The Battle of Five Armies

The Battle of Five Armies has always been one of my favorite events in all of Tolkien’s legendarium. Not only does it feature my favorite character (yes, I’m biased), but it also happens to involve one of the more epic … Continue reading

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History: Absent, But Not Forgotten

Ever since the game was first released, there has existed a cast of “missing” characters. The core set included nine recognizable heroes (Thalin, Eleanor and Beravor don’t count), and four unique allies (no, Henamarth Riversong and Brok Ironfist don’t count). … Continue reading

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History: Lord of the Rings LCG Timeline (Updated 1/11/2014)

As I mentioned in my earlier discussion of play style, the Galadriel player is focused on aesthetics and staying true to the theme of the source material. With hundreds of character spanning four ages and thousands of years, it can … Continue reading

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