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Deck: Rohan Cavalry

One of the best things about The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is how well it represents the peoples and events from Tolkien’s writings. In many cases, these cards are some of the most powerful cards in the … Continue reading

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Bear With Me: Advanced Search

One of the inevitable truths of Living Card Games is that deck building becomes more difficult as the game grows. With an expanded card pool, there are so many cards to choose from, and unless you plan on building 70 card … Continue reading

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Contest Winner: Just Desserts For A Dark Road

After many wonderful desserts, Mrs. Beorn and I are ready for an early hibernation. We both really appreciate all of the delicious entries, and we plan on making them for our family in the coming holidays. At the end of … Continue reading

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Contest: Just Desserts For A Dark Road (Updated)

  It’s that time again, time for another contest here at The Hall of Beorn! After what seemed like an unbearable wait, The Road Darkens has finally be released here in the US, and it just so happens that I … Continue reading

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Play Report: Breaking of the Fellowship Did Not Break the Grey Company

I just finished an epic 3-player game of Breaking of the Fellowship with Derek and Matthew. Though I am still not entirely sure that we played it correctly (I’ve only ever played that quest solo), it was a total blast. … Continue reading

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Bear Market: Tempo Archetype

As the game evolves, new archetypes are introduced, and existing archetypes change in often unexpected ways. The tempo archetype is an interesting hybrid between low-threat control decks and high-threat aggro decks. Utilizing powerful heroes and taking advantage of allies entering … Continue reading

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