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Bear Draft v3: Signature Squads

One of most interesting aspects of deck-building in the Conquest LCG is the signature squads. When making a deck, the first decision is which Warlord to use. Warlords are somewhat like heroes in Lord of the Rings LCG. They begin in play, and … Continue reading

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Deck: The Might of Rohan

An interesting dilemma for any game series that is based on a book is what to do when you run out of source material. Fortunately, the world of Middle-earth is vast and the nature of this game is open-ended, so it … Continue reading

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Contest Winner: Recipes from a Halfling’s Pantry

With the deadline passed and the entries submitted, it is time to announce our winner. This lucky reader receives a free copy of the eBook of Recipes from a Halfling’s Pantry. The winner was chosen at random and it is … Continue reading

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Contest: Recipes from a Halfling’s Pantry

Greetings, readers! I am delighted to announce a very special contest. Friends of the blog over at Second Breakfast have announced the release of cookbook that is near and dear to this bear’s heart. The book is called Recipes from a … Continue reading

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Contest Winner: Just Desserts For A Dark Road

After many wonderful desserts, Mrs. Beorn and I are ready for an early hibernation. We both really appreciate all of the delicious entries, and we plan on making them for our family in the coming holidays. At the end of … Continue reading

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Contest: Just Desserts For A Dark Road (Updated)

  It’s that time again, time for another contest here at The Hall of Beorn! After what seemed like an unbearable wait, The Road Darkens has finally be released here in the US, and it just so happens that I … Continue reading

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Poll Results: Favorite Epic Moments in The Lord of the Rings

The polls are closed and results are in. In this latest poll, we asked readers what their favorite epic moments from The Lord of the Rings books. The answers represent some of the most exciting and inspiring passages from Tolkien’s great … Continue reading

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