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Troll of the Week: “Alice”

As anyone who runs a blog can tell you, there is quite a bit of comment spam that comes in on a regular basis. Fortunately, the WordPress system has built-in spam blocking that is about 99% accurate at filtering out … Continue reading

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Deck: Three Kings, a Queen, and a Prince

One of the great things about The Lord of the Rings LCG is that it lets us play the game of What If?. What if Dain survived the battle of Dale at the end of the third age? What if … Continue reading

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Illuminating the Long Dark

Another enjoyable game on OCTGN with Derek (aka shipwreck). Aragorn had fully transformed into Voltron by the end of the quest. Check out Derek’s guest article over at Master of Lore which features this very deck.

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Key Concepts: Affinity

Deck building is a balance of many factors. Depending on theme, strategic factors, and personal taste, there are a multitude of cards that fit in a deck. With so many cards to choose from, the process of selecting a given … Continue reading

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Deck: The Grey Company Defends Gondor

The idea for this deck comes from a recent OCTGN game with Derek (aka Shipprekk) of The Last Ship. The central idea that he came up with is to attach Steward of Gondor and Gondorian Shield to Elrohir. When paired … Continue reading

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Contest Winner: Favorite Beorning

The day has come to a close, the light has gone out in the West, the embers are grown dim, and it is finally time to tally the counts for the first ever contest at the Hall of Beorn. There … Continue reading

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Deck: Magali Tribute

Inspired by the interview with artist Magali Villeneuve in the latest episode of Cardboard of the Rings, I have decided to build a deck consisting solely of cards which feature her art. When I first sat down to create this … Continue reading

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