Poll Results: Favorite Deck Archetype


The poll for favorite deck archetype is closed and the votes have been tallied. With 110 total votes, this poll gives us a pretty good idea of the overall popularity of the various archetypes among readers. With a large card pool, there is a vast array of options for deck building, but some cards in the game are just so powerful that they naturally fit as the centerpiece in a deck’s design.

A great example of this is the Elrond + Vilya deck, which happens to be the most popular deck archetype among readers. Elrond’s boost to healing effects, paired with the ability to play allies from any sphere, copules with the ring’s power to create some formidable decks. Being able to pay for even the most expensive cards, without even needing a resource match allows for some truly creative, and tremendously effective, decks. For so interesting examples of decks that feature this powerful combination, readers can check out Vilya, The Ring of Air and Masters of the Forest.

Dwarves were the second favorite archetype, not surprising as they remain one of the most consistently strong decks in the game. Interestingly, using ranged heroes along with direct damage like Hands Upon the Bow and Great Yew Bow has also become a rather popular style as well. I suspect that this archetype will get even better with some of the tricksy Hobbit cards coming up in this cycle. Outlands, the new kid on the block is already among the most popular deck styles. As I’ve stated elsewhere, this is not the deck for me, but I can definitely see the appeal and I am glad to see a readily available and top-tier archetype for new players.

It was good to see Eagles as popular as ever (probably thanks in some part to the Battle and Siege quests that feature in recent scenarios). That is a deck that I have always enjoyed, and I hope to at some point see more Eagle cards to bolster this strategy. The usual suspects of Glorfindel, Aragorn and Boromir round out the other choices. I also like seeing the more unique write-in choices from voters. Diversity is something that I have always liked about this game, it gets boring to play the same deck over and over again, so I look forward to new adventure packs and saga expansions continuing to grow the card pool and give us opportunities to flesh out these other strategies.

Below I have included all of the voting results, along with example decks for many of the archetypes. Some of the decks are mine, and can be found in the decks page, others were created by Ian over at Tales from the Cards, and still others were created by intrepid readers. I have cited the original author, and if anyone has suggestions for good examples of a given deck archetype, feel free to leave comments here. Lastly, I have included some examples of mono-sphere decks, which did not make it into the original poll. Creating a top-tier deck with only one sphere is  a relatively new concept, one that has been difficult for most scenarios until more recently. Going forward, it will be interesting to see what new archetypes develop and how changes in the card pool cause existing decks to evolve. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who took part in this poll.

Deck Archetype Votes Example
Elrond + Vilya 19 Vilya, The Ring of Air
Dwarves 12 Thorin Company (Glaurung)
Ranged Direct Damage 12 Bard Goes Hunting
Hirluin + Outlands 11 Outrageous Outlands (Ohnomycoco)
Eagles 10 Where Eagles Dare (Tales from the Cards)
Glorfindel (Spirit) + Asfaloth/Elves 9 Flight to the Ford
Other 7 Lord of the Rings Decks (CardGameDB)
Aragorn (Leadership) + Artifacts 6 Heir of Isildur
Aragorn (Lore) + Frodo 6 Master Frodo (Glaurung)
Boromir (Leadership) + Gondor 5 Gondor Defense (elros45)
Rohan Rush 5 Riding with Rohan (Tales from the Cards)
Hama + Feint 3 The Rohirrim Ride with the Grey Company
Boromir (Tactics) + Threat Reduction 2 Boromir and the Seven Dwarves
Elladan + Elrohir 1 Orc-Hunters of Imladris
Eowyn + Legolas 1
Hobbits 1
Mono Leadership N/A Exploring Mono Leadership (Tales from the Cards)
Mono Tactics N/A The Field of Cormallen
Mono Spirit N/A Exploring Mono Spirit (Tales from the Cards)
Mono Lore N/A Masters of the Forest
Gloin + Healing N/A Gloin Engine (sirprim)
Secrecy N/A Knowldor (Hastur360)
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4 Responses to Poll Results: Favorite Deck Archetype

  1. elros45 says:

    thanks for featuring my deck for the gondor archtype! it works really well with a good lore/spirit deck focused on healing and questing. really thankful for this!!

  2. Hastur360 says:

    Appreciate you posting my deck on your list here. Looking forward to reading through it all when I get a chance. Mono Lore to me is pretty off the hook at this point, been playing with that and a similar concept with my secrecy deck. Cannot wait to make that Hobbit void a reality in less than a month here.

    • Beorn says:

      Absolutely, Hastur360. I really like your secrecy deck, it is well designed while also making sense thematically. Those are always my favorite kind of decks. I hope that secrecy gets more support in upcoming adventure packs and also that all-Hobbit decks become a truly viable archetype.

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