Contest: Favorite Beorning

bear with both paws upWell the hour is late, and the deadline has passed for submissions in the Create A Beorning contest. The Hall of Beorn would like to give a bear-sized thank you to all of the readers who made these fantastic submissions. It was too hard to decide, so rather than narrow the field to five, each and every card that was submitted has been entered into the contest.

It is now up to you, the readers, to decide which custom Beorning character is your favorite by voting in the latest poll. Voting will be left open for 1 week and then the creator of the most popular card will be announced. Once we have contacted you for shipping information, the winner will receive a copy of The Drúadan Forest, absolutely free (my eagle friends deliver anywhere in the world). So here are all of the submissions, thanks again and good luck to everyone who entered the contest!









Beorning Tracker - Megan

Grimbeorn - Tobias

Grimbeorn the Old - Daniel Olafsson

Grimbeorn the Old - Julian

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9 Responses to Contest: Favorite Beorning

  1. scwont says:

    Some very cool ideas here!

    Random fact: I am not a bear, but I did have salmon for lunch.

  2. shipprekk says:

    Wow! Such great ideas! I feel like I have to go with Spirit Beorn for this reason:

    or the Tracker for his badass art. So many decisions!

  3. Jared Hunter says:

    That “Beorning Bee” is by far the worst of the cards! What sort of lame ass would come up with a card like that …… I suppose it could be worse it could have been done by a Canadian!

    • Beorn says:

      But what if you play Brian-style and use more than 3 of them in your deck? You could make a deck of 50 Beorning Bees and play all of them for free, every round! I’m calling it now, that’s going to be a new archetype… the BEE HIVE

      • scwont says:

        That’s a ridiculous idea, Beorn. Everyone knows Brian doesn’t use 50-card decks!

        Decklist: Brian’s Bees
        Heroes (3)
        Allies (30)
        Beorning Beekeeper x 5
        Beorning Bees x 25

      • Beorn says:

        Best deck ever! I wonder what FFG will say if I try to bring this deck to the Stones of Erech event at GenCon? Quick, to the internet, I must buy all available copies of The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill!

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