Illuminating the Long Dark

Illuminating the Long Dark

Another enjoyable game on OCTGN with Derek (aka shipwreck). Aragorn had fully transformed into Voltron by the end of the quest. Check out Derek’s guest article over at Master of Lore which features this very deck.

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4 Responses to Illuminating the Long Dark

  1. Landroval says:

    How did you find that deck? Did the mismatch between heroes and card spheres cause you much bother? Were you basically relying on Ring of Barahir to get access to Lore?

    • shipwreck says:

      The deck is definitely rather dependent upon your initial draw. Luckily I got Celebrian’s Stone and Ring of Barahir in my opening hand, so the rest fell into place nicely. Otherwise you’re leaning on Ancient Mathom for the card draw until the necessaries pop up.

      • Landroval says:


        i generally steer towards mono-builds, mono + 1 song, or 2 of one sphere and one of another. However, Druadan Forest has taught me that there are so many cheap cards available it is more feasible to go with tri-sphere.

        There are so many cards available now i feel i need to switch to playing ‘two-handed’ in order to see them all.

      • shipwreck says:

        Without question. Beorn was using ‘A Elbereth! Gilthoniel!’ and I realized I had never played that card before.

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