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Custom Cards: Making Every Card Count

Editor’s Note: This article is brought to you by a guest writer named Ulrik. I’d like to thank him for contributing this article about suggested changes to balance the early card pool. Imagine this: when deck building for your upcoming … Continue reading

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Alternate Art: Cards by Potawo

With the overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve received on my alternate art cards, it’s exciting to see that I’m not the only one who enjoys different artistic interpretations. Which makes it all the more pleasant to discover that a reader has … Continue reading

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Custom Cards: Reworking the Early Card Pool

A reader of this blog, and well-known community member from the FFG forums, has been working tirelessly on an ambitious task. John Constantine has revamped many of the player cards from the Core Set and first cycle of the game, … Continue reading

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History: Big as a House

Here I am! As you all probably know by now: I arrive precisely when I mean to. Some of you already now me as GandalfDK from the Deck Spotlights on or from the COTR Discord server. After several journeys … Continue reading

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The Story So Far – Part 1: Shadows of Mirkwood

Hi all! Psychorocka here! Beorn recently invited me to write a guest article on the Hall of Beorn and I immediately accepted. Beorn has been an immeasurable asset to our community with all the various resources and insights into the … Continue reading

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Deck Spotlight: The Dúnedain Trappers

Seastan here. Beorn has graciously invited me to write a guest article for his excellent blog. With, I might add, almost no proof of my blog-writing ability. I hope he is ready for the writing quality on his blog to … Continue reading

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Gothmog’s Dark Corridor 2: The Dunland Trap

On behalf of his highness Morgoth, supreme Valar, I welcome you back to my Corridor. By request of puny mortals, I have decided that my Corridor will now focus upon one of two things: difficult encounters and community-requested encounters. This … Continue reading

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Gothmog’s Corridor 1: The Hunt for Gollum

Welcome, readers. I invite you to a read the first of many articles by a new guest author: Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs. While he isn’t busy making war upon the Eldar, Gothmog enjoys writing strategy articles about The Lord … Continue reading

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