Alternate Art by Potawo

With the overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve received on my alternate art cards, it’s exciting to see that I’m not the only one who enjoys different artistic interpretations. Which makes it all the more pleasant to discover that a reader has been hard at work lately on their own art interpretations of some of the game’s most iconic cards. Potawo (aka Fabrice) has used Photoshop to create some truly stunning alternate art cards and I wanted to take an opportunity today to share them. I find that new piece of art can bring an old card to life in ways which continue to surprise me.

One aspect of his style which is particularly dynamic is the way Potawo has used overlap to create a three dimensional look to many of his designs. The art really “pops” out from the background and more action-based pieces take on an epic feel. One final detail that I wanted to point out is the way he has opted to omit chrome (the decorative edge designs and other non-essential design elements) from some of the cards to give them a cleaner look – which further emphasizes the art. You can view the full gallery of Potawo’s alternate art cards and I have included some of my favorite pieces below:

To accommodate space and page load time, I’ve included smaller images here. For any who enjoy these beautiful pieces, I strongly encourage you to go check out the originals. He’s included bleed margins, so they are ready for printing. I encourage everyone to go an experience something beautiful which brings joy to your life.

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7 Responses to Alternate Art by Potawo

  1. Anonim says:

    This is great!

  2. Potawo says:

    Hi, I’m Potawo, thank you for this beautiful article. I took a lot of fun to make these cards and I will try to update the sharing space regularly with new creations!

  3. Ronald Tang says:

    these are breathtaking

  4. William Dennis says:

    wow…love these Protector of Lorien is wonderful!.

  5. VorBalin says:

    This cards are amazing!!! Thanks!!!

  6. Harry says:

    This is really great Artwork. I would love to see more. Thanks a lot!!

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