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Alternate Art: The One Deck

It’s been about 8 months since Seastan posted The One Deck on RingsDB. Elrond (with Vilya) decks have been among the game’s most powerful ever since Shadow and Flame was released. Still, this deck is taking the archetype to a … Continue reading

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Withstanding the Onslaught at Helm’s Deep

The upcoming episode of The Grey Company covers Helm’s Deep, the first of the iconic battles of the War of the Ring. It’s only fitting then, that we tackled this epic quest tonight at our Austin LotR group. I was playing … Continue reading

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Fastred Outwits the Black Serpent

At last week’s Austin LotR group I had a chance to test out a multiplayer version of a Fastred deck. The deck was based on this design by Seastan, and I wanted to see if it was possible to adapt … Continue reading

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Deck: The Dúnedain Trappers

Seastan here. Beorn has graciously invited me to write a guest article for his excellent blog. With, I might add, almost no proof of my blog-writing ability. I hope he is ready for the writing quality on his blog to … Continue reading

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