Contest Winner: Favorite Beorning

The day has come to a close, the light has gone out in the West, the embers are grown dim, and it is finally time to tally the counts for the first ever contest at the Hall of Beorn. There were many fantastic custom Beorning cards, both great and small, and we at the Hall are truly grateful to all who submitted a card. With an impressive 27 votes, the overwhelming favorite is Grimbeorn the Old as a Bear!

Grimbeorn the Old - Julian

Honorable mention go to Anduin Vale Guardian (my personal favorite) and Beorning Bee (shout out to Brandon of Cardboard of the Rings!) for coming in second and third, respectively. As with Orc-tossing, sadly, there are no prizes for second place.

Grimbeorn the Old is a fearsome hero indeed. With excellent combat stats to begin with, his attack strength only grows the more resources left in his pool. Like his father, he doesn’t feel the need for silly trappings like weapons and armor, needing only his bare paws to slay Orcs, Wargs and other fell creatures. Unfortunately, his stubbornness (he gets that from me) also means that he cannot be the target of healing or other player card effects. But my son is no one-trick poney, as Grimbeorn also possesses an interesting, and well balanced, ability. For the cost of 1 resource, which lowers his attack, Grimbeorn can deal 1 damage to an enemy in the staging area. The creator described his thought process during design of this great card:

It’s a hero version of Grimbeorn. I was hoping to capture the flavor of Grimbeorn charging high tolls for passage, as he does in the books. So he is a rather resource-intensive hero.

So, congratulations to Julian Fung for creating the most popular custom Beorning card. Julian will receive a brand new copy of The Drúadan Forest by express eagle delivery. Thanks again to everyone who submitted cards, and be on the lookout because this will definitely not be the last contest that we hold here at The Hall of Beorn.

One last note for those who want another chance at winning a copy of The Drúadan Forest, Tales from the Cards is running a Create an Ent and Win an AP! contest that I encourage everyone to go enter. I fear that I have relieved myself on one too many trees in my time, and may be ineligible, but you all stand a fair chance. I must admit, I’m none too pleased that Ian is accepting entries from the agents of Sauron, but they say that dark times call for desperate measures.

bear on a rock

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