Peter Jackson: Please Don’t Mess This Up!

Peter Jackson: Please Don't Mess This Up!

Mrs. Beorn and I are headed to the theater to join our friends in watching The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. To say that I am excited to see myself portrayed on the big screen is an understatement. Still, there is a certain amount of trepidation that I am feeling right now. Please, Peter Jackson, don’t ruin my favorite character from one of my favorite books of all time!

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14 Responses to Peter Jackson: Please Don’t Mess This Up!

  1. Tonskillitis says:

    Hey, in human form you look exactly like the Michael J. Fox changeling “Teen Wolf”. Awesome

  2. Glaurung says:

    I sow movie yesterday and i love it! I like all changes what Peter did is only 1 thing i don’t like stupid romance……you will know what i mean after you look a movie….

  3. Vladimir says:

    IMO he messed up already. In fact, after watching the first Hobbit, I understand why Christopher Tolkien hates his work.

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  5. Matthew John Elias says:

    Beorn was awesome! There just wasn’t enough of him! Extended Edition!

  6. So what did you think of big screen Beorn?

    • Beorn says:


      To be honest, I was a bit disappointed. I need to look at the movies as loosely “inspired by” the books, and not true adaptations. The way Beorn is introduced in the books is whimsical, and fun, and fits the theme of an adventure story. At first, Bilbo almost does’t believe that Beorn could be dangerous. Only later, when he witnesses the skin-changer’s other form, does Bilbo fully understand. The presence of his animal helpers, in the story, that walk on hind legs and serve food adds to this sense that you are in a fairy tale.

      It was very weird to me that they switched this around, and had Beorn almost kill the dwarves in his own house. I can see why they would cut the introduction scene, to save time for other stuff (namely Elves, Elves and more Elves). Cutting Beorn’s part would have been one thing, but changing the way he is portrayed was a bit disappointing for me. Also, it’s probably just nitpicking, but having him in chains was a very strange choice as well.

      In any case, it was nice that they showed the Orcs’ reluctance to come anywhere near The Carrock, as this conveys just how powerful Beorn is. I am a bit worried for the third movie, because they have changed so much of the story so far, that I could totally see Bolg get killed by Tauriel and Kili or some other nonsense. Overall, I would say that they did an okay job of portraying one of my favorite characters, I guess I just went into the movie with my expectations set too high.

  7. lleimmoen says:

    PJ said Beorn’s part will actually be much extended in the movie, so I suspect it shall all come in the third installment. I miss there was so little of Beorn now but I have high hopes, and what I saw was great. Of course this is an adaptation and some of the book’s events would just look plain silly on scree (like the Dwarf introduction which is so great in the book). Also, even the purist should be more aware of what Tolkien was actually doing, he even began rewriting the Hobbit to fit within the Middle-earth mythology, so we should really expect that from the films: have them in a similar tone to the Rings.

    As for the next movie spoilers, I hope the sequence goes something like this: Thorin gets Azog but is mortally wounded by Bolg who is in turn killed by Beorn and Thorin’s body is carried away from the battle by Beorn, too. This would give the characters what I feel they deserve.

  8. Scott Drake says:

    I certainly hope there will be more Beorn. I like the the film and I really like the way Beorn looked. His mannerism was intriguing and then you bilked and he was off the screen. What happened to the images of him and Gandalf and chopping wood? The set was amazing. Did they really spend all that effort and money on Beorn’s Hall for about 2 mins. of screen time. Anyone got an answer.

    • Beorn says:

      I had the same thought myself; why spend so much time making an amazing set, only to have it on screen for a few minutes?! It seemed like such a waste. I will admit that I am certainly biased, but I wanted more Beorn. Oh well, as long as they do him justice in The Battle of Five Armies.

      • Scott Drake says:

        Thanks for your reply. I purchased a book about the Tim a couple a months ago. It devoted about five pages to Beorn, and his Hall. This and Tolkien gives him an entire chapter in the Hobbit, I just don’t understand. Perhaps Gandalf will recoup at Beorn’s after his escape.

  9. Pengolodh says:

    Hello, and I don’t know if you’re looking at this page any more (or have some cool technology that tells you when and where a comment is posted ;)), but I wanted to say something regarding Beorn in The Battle of the Five Armies (SPOILERS AHEAD).
    Beorn riding an eagle was, well, interesting. I doubt that Beorn would like to be carried (you’re the expert here, not me). Anyway, then he jumps off and transforms into a bear while falling and literally hits the ground running. Pretty cool. Finally, he collides with hordes of orcs. Good ol’ Beorn. But my only regret is that this happens within the span of three or four seconds. More in the extended edition, please!
    On a suddenly different topic. Why does Legolas kill Bolg? He killed a Mûmak all by himself in Return of the King, forty-one orcs (going by the books) at Helm’s Deep, and a cave troll. Does he really need to take Beorn’s glory? More people should be educated about Beorn and remember him as the amazing man/bear who killed Bolg and saved Thorin, not “the guy who can change into a bear”.

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