To Catch an Orc (Predator)

To Catch an Orc (Predator)

The Grey Company was able to catch Mugash and save Middle-Earth from his Orcish predation. An early appearance by Gandalf, along with location-control and Beregond’s superior defense allowed us to win the day. Ian was not able to join us this time, but we wish a hearty congratulations to the father-to-be. May your progeny be nothing like the Children of Húrin, sir!

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2 Responses to To Catch an Orc (Predator)

  1. Tactics and Spirit are really the best spheres to tackle this scenario!
    I got my first win with a Glorfindel/Frodo/Legolas deck.

  2. Truls Lundgren says:

    Tactics and spirit seems to be the way to tackle this. And hobbits. Lots of hobbits. Sam/Merry/Eomer and Glorfindel/Eowyn/Frodo is also a good team.

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