Beorning Bee Keeper In Action!

Beorning Bee Keeper In Action!

The Grey Company just finished a rousing four player game against Nightmare Passage Through Mirkwood. One of the highlights was Matthew using Beorning Bee Keeper to damage 9 different enemies.

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5 Responses to Beorning Bee Keeper In Action!

  1. mordororc says:

    Not the bees!

  2. Tonskillitis says:

    Power card- they really need to get the errata out on that one! Maybe they need to raise the resource cost upto 6 so it achieves the balance of, say, a Brok Ironfist.

  3. TalesfromtheCards says:

    We shall always remember the brave bee keeper who was stung to death by his own bees. Valiant sacrifice indeed.

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