Alternate Art: Errata

The fate of any living game is that it will accumulate some cruft over the years. This game is no exception, with FFG releasing numerous FAQs to clarify rules and changes to fix broken cards. Some players voice frustration at the need for errata, and while I can understand this to some extent, it is important to remember that a game with an ever-growing card pool is essentially impossible to grow perfectly.

This set of alternate art includes 29 cards, many with only minor changes (per-phase and per-round limits, mostly). Looked at another way, having only 29 cards with errata – out of the pool of thousands of cards released – is an impressive accomplishment. Unfortunately, FFG does not have an existing solution for releasing errata cards to players. The only way to get the amended versions of these cards is to buy a new version of the associated product, with the new printing. For a game with so many products, each on their own printing schedule, it is simply not possible to have all of the most current printings.

With that in mind, I’ve created a set of alternate art cards for all of the cards (as of September 8th, 2019) with official errata. If you want to print them yourselves, I invite you to download them here (these are printable versions, which include bleed margins). Unfortunately, I cannot have them printed and then offer to sell them directly as this would be in violation of FFG’s community policies. That said, if you appreciate the work I do writing on this blog, creating alternate art decks, and maintaining the Hall of Beorn Card Search, I gratefully accept donations to help me cover the upkeep of these sites.

The cards are all included below, and it is an interesting overview of the game to see which cards were broken by players over the years. For the heroes, I preferred full-bleed versions of the existing art, since those are not available officially. All of the other cards have completely different art, to differentiate them from the official printings, and also to spice them up a bit. I tried to find the highest quality and most thematic art piece for each card, but if anyone has suggestions for alternatives please leave them in the comments below. Enjoy!









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8 Responses to Alternate Art: Errata

  1. Federico Crivellin says:

    Hi Beorn, thanks a lot for the new updated cards! The Italian Community was asking for this, so I’m sure many people will be happy to see your cards.
    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Thror’s map, Legacy of Durin and Burning Brand aren’t reported in ufficial FAQ/Errata. Is that a warning for an incoming new FAQ/Errata from FFG? Or FFG won’t release anymore ufficial FAQ now the game is coming to end?
    2. These cards aren’t reported in your Card Search (in the corrected version). Usally I use your CS also to check the FAQ/Errata. Are you planning an update? (I don’t want press you, just to know if the three cards will be updated officially = for me, your card search is “the official”)

    • Beorn says:

      Yes, Thror’s Map, Legacy of Durin, and A Burning Brand have all been spotted in newer printings with those text changes. I’ve seen photos to confirm this. I’ll update the search engine to indicate the latest text, but there is no corresponding FAQ version currently. One last note, the game is not ending just yet. Around the middle of next year it will go on hiatus, but after a break in content, new content (compatible with the same rule system) will be announced.

      • Federico Crivellin says:

        This is a great news! Thanks a lot for your great work! By the way, even Will of the west is not update on the database. Anyway really really thank you!

  2. Friend says:

    Hi Beorn, it takes a while until I buy the most current expansions, but I like coming to your page to see the art of the new cards, there are meeting cards that fail to load the image :(, I don’t know if you could fix it.

  3. Beorn says:

    Oh, I don’t have the card images for A Shadow in the East yet. Once I have those images, I will post them to the search engine.

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