Alternate Art Staples

Core Set Alternate Art Staples

Beautiful art is one of the underrated aspects of this game. With a world as rich and wondrous as Middle-earth, it takes special art to create that sense of immersion. Like any LCG, there are certain staple cards that find their way into a large number of your decks. Even the most magnificent peace of art can become just a background, when you are looking at it every day.

With that in mind, I have created alternate art versions of some of my favorite staples in the game. These might not be staples for every player, but surely some of these cards will find their way into your decks. For the other cards, perhaps a different artistic interpretation will provide inspiration to try them in your next deck. For those who want to use the Strange Eons files to print your own cards, contact us and we will be happy to send them to you. From the Hall of Beorn to everyone out there around the world, happy holidays and have a wonderful and safe New Year!














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8 Responses to Alternate Art Staples

  1. Silvanjohnson says:

    These are so good. I love the Quickbeam and the feint.

  2. HawkRose says:

    That Test of Will…so perfect.

  3. diedertk says:

    Arwen and Test of Will!

    Happy holidays, my favorite bear!

  4. Really diggin’ steward of Gondor and Test of Will

  5. Kjeld says:

    I really like the Unexpected Courage art — a classic, and very thematic! Also, it would be fun to do an alt-art Gandalf hero with the promo hero template.

  6. TheChap says:

    I made JPEG versions of these amazing cards for easy OCTGN image replacements. The link is here:
    Thank you Beorn for making these cards.

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