Alternate Art: Whispers in the Trees

While it’s nice to have the Ghost of Framsburg finally released, new players are still anxious to get their hands on reprints. I’ve designed another alternate art deck, to tide everyone over while they wait patiently for their critical missing packs to arrive. This deck is based on an updated version of my standard Silvan deck. It is called Whispers in the Trees, and I hope that you enjoy alternate art interpretations of some familiar faces.

As with any Silvan deck built around Galadriel and Celeborn, Silvan allies are the foundation of our strategy. In particular, low cost allies like Galion, Henemarth Riverson, and Galadhrim Weaver make excellent targets for our bounce effects. The variety of responses these allies provide when they enter plays makes this deck function as a sort of toolbox.

Need readying to use Galadriel’s ability and the power of Nenya? Bring Greenwood Archer into play. Is a quest throwing too many Doomed encounter cards your way? Galadriel’s Handmaiden will help bring your threat back down. Did you just discard the one card you were looking for after gazing too long in the Mirror of Galadriel? The Galadhrim Weaver can help shuffle that card back into your deck.

None of the attachments here should come as much of a surprise, though they have been updated to include The Elvenking and a few new weapons. Giving Silvan decks a repeatable way to return allies to hand makes the archetype that much more consistent. The two powerful Guarded weapons will require an extra effort to discover and wield. Once obtained however, they can transform Haldir into a formidable force in combat.

Lastly, events are a critical piece of any Silvan deck. Resources are scarce in any multi-sphere deck, and this one is no exception. Between The Tree People and Captain’s Wisdom, the aim is to be able to play  multiple allies on the same round. Having numerical advantage over the encounter deck is essential, as some of these allies will be returning to our hands in order to fuel other effects. We need must a sufficiently large host of elves, if we hope to defend our forest from intruders.

I hope that you enjoy these beautiful alternate art cards, and be sure to contact the Hall if your are interested in printing them for yourself. Happy travels!

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