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Alternate Art: Whispers in the Trees

While it’s nice to have the Ghost of Framsburg finally released, new players are still anxious to get their hands on reprints. I’ve designed another alternate art deck, to tide everyone over while they wait patiently for their critical missing packs … Continue reading

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Deck: Defenders of Rhovanion

Many of the scenarios in the Ring-maker cycle are designed to push the players towards a more aggressive playing-style. As I have discussed before, this is a change from past cycles where cards like Glorfindel and Elrond’s Counsel allowed players to … Continue reading

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Deck: The White Council

The most recent spoiler of the Ring-maker cycle is for the fifth Adventure Pack: Celebrimbor’s Secret. For those not familiar with the deeper history behind Tolkien’s works, Celebrimbor was a very important Noldor craftsman. It was from Annatar (as Sauron was then … Continue reading

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