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Contest: Ring-maker Entries

The number of outstanding entries for the Become a Ring-maker contest has been overwhelming. I want to extend a special thanks to everyone who submitted a card. Ian and I truly have our work cut out for us in trying … Continue reading

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Contest: Become a Ring-maker!

I am pleased to announce that The Hall of Beorn and Tales from the Cards are holding a joint contest! Finding myself in possession of an extra copy of Celebrimbor’s Secret, I too wanted to reward one intrepid reader. After … Continue reading

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3 Things I Like About the Ring-maker Cycle

Something about the nearly-instantaneous speed of the internet, and our instant gratification-obsessed culture seems to have given everyone license to complain. The pseudo-anonymity of online forums only exacerbates this problem. Take a perfectly happy and well-adjusted human being and give them a … Continue reading

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