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Vision of the Palantir: Nightmare Conflict at the Carrock

Durin’s Father gave me the opportunity to write a narrative-based review of Nightmare Conflict at the Carrock, over on Vision of the Palantir. For anyone who likes brave tales of bears and eagles and wizards, or who just wants a … Continue reading

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Adventures in Central Europe – Part One: Hungary

Life has finally settled down after returning from Con of the Rings and holding our Austin Fellowship event, and days have resumed more familiar rhythms. The time has allowed me to sort through vacation photos and gather my thoughts about our … Continue reading

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We’re Having Cubs!

With much excitement, and a bit of nervousness, I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Beorn is pregnant with cubs! We’re obviously pleased as bees in honey here at the Hall, and I am sure to be a proud poppa … Continue reading

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Deck: The Storm Comes

Thurindir is the first to notice that something is amiss. Another storm is gathering in the East. As if things were not bad enough already! Our ragtag group has weathered one fearsome storm and we barely escaping unscathed. It seems … Continue reading

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Make Middle-earth Great Again

Dear Númenor, It’s been a long slow decline into mediocrity for this fair island. It’s time to make Middle-earth great again, starting with our proud country. People say it can’t be done. Idiots. Not only is it possible – but I’m … Continue reading

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Contest Winners: Bree-land Investigators

The most difficult part of holding a contest is choosing the winner. Fortunately, with help from a generous reader (special thanks to David G!) as well as Mrs. Beorn donating her own copy, I am able to offer additional prizes. Still, … Continue reading

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Contest Winner: Heroic Deeds

It’s time to announce the winner of the Heroic Deeds contest. There were some truly epic stories, it makes it very difficult to choose who wins the copy of Fog on the Barrow-downs and the alternate Art Aragorn card. After … Continue reading

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