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Deck: Wisdom, Bravery and Folly

The doomed player cards were first spoiled in August of last year. Ever since then I have been thinking about how best to build a deck around these powerful effects. As powerful as they can be, these cards bring an … Continue reading

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Deck: The White Council

The most recent spoiler of the Ring-maker cycle is for the fifth Adventure Pack: Celebrimbor’s Secret. For those not familiar with the deeper history behind Tolkien’s works, Celebrimbor was a very important Noldor craftsman. It was from Annatar (as Sauron was then … Continue reading

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News: Voice of Isengard Player Card Spoilers

After working my paws sore, I am pleased to announce that spoilers for the Voice of Isengard are now available on the Hall of Beorn Card Search. You can find them by clicking here. For those who are curious, the … Continue reading

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Metagame: Part 3 – Traits and Choice

With the Steward’s Fear released and The Drúadan Forest set to add more ally goodness in less than a week, the Outlands trait has hit the scene like a crazed Mûmak. One can certainly make a convincing argument that Dwarf is still … Continue reading

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