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Community News: LotR Dutch Blogger

One of the interesting outcomes from self-quarantine is that many tabletop gamers have discovered, or re-discovered solo games. The Lords of the Rings: The Card Game remains one of the best solo games, with hours upon on hours of compelling … Continue reading

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Con of the Rings

Certain ideas a so splendid that you can’t help but wonder why they didn’t happen sooner. Four fine members of the community, known collectively as the Free Men of the North (Fishbaugh, Loophole, McDog3, and PeaceAndThought) have taken it upon … Continue reading

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We’re Having Cubs!

With much excitement, and a bit of nervousness, I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Beorn is pregnant with cubs! We’re obviously pleased as bees in honey here at the Hall, and I am sure to be a proud poppa … Continue reading

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Tolkien, Politics, and Hobbies vs. “Real Life”

Other than the odd post with alternate art cards, I’ve been notably silent these days. More than the typical “life is busy” refrain, this stems from a certain unease with events outside of the game. “Real life”, so to speak, … Continue reading

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Arkham LCG Card Search and A Call For Support

With the release of Arkham Horror: The Card Game almost nigh, I have been a busy bear. As some may have noticed, the Hall of Beorn card search has expanded to include both of Fantasy Flight’s Cooperative Living Card Games. You … Continue reading

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The Game is Dying

RingsDB is Too Good After 5 years, we finally have an excellent site for deckbuilding and sharing. RingsDB has taken the community by storm. Most people would see this as a clear sign of the health of the community – … Continue reading

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Support The Hall of Beorn Card Search on Patreon

As the game grows in popularity, the Hall of Beorn Card Search is receiving more visitors every month. It is great for the game, and it is exciting to see the community around the game grow and mature. This also … Continue reading

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El Libro Rojo De Bolsón Cerrado

Es muy emocionante ver nuestra comunidad crecer, sobre todo cuando es al rededor del mundo. Siempre he tenido un lugar muy especial en mi corazón peludito por la lengua española, es un lenguaje tan hermoso como las canciones de los elfos. Así … Continue reading

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The Second Hand Took: Of Bears and Blogs

The Second Hand Took interviewed me as part of his month-long tribute to the best character in Middle-earth (Warning: I may be a bit biased). I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about my various projects to head … Continue reading

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Two Years of the Hall of Beorn

Two years ago today, I started the Hall of Beorn – just a bear and an idea. It has been a grand adventure sharing my thoughts, deck lists, and rants with you fine readers and I thank you for accompanying … Continue reading

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