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Alternate Art: The Greatest Adventure

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead Today and tomorrow are yet to be said The chances, the changes are all yours to make The mold of your life is in your hands to break. The greatest adventure is there … Continue reading

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Deck: Shire Yard Sale

While the new power cards from the Dale archetype were joining the party, amid much fanfare, a group of less-heralded cards were slinking around the back of the house, to smoke pipes and specifically avoid their more gregarious companions. Silvan, … Continue reading

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Deck: ¡Las Chingonas!

I am not a society person. The societies to which I have been exposed seemed to me largely machines for the suppression of women. Society is very important in Mexico. Where women do not even have the vote. – All … Continue reading

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Withstanding the Onslaught at Helm’s Deep

The upcoming episode of The Grey Company covers Helm’s Deep, the first of the iconic battles of the War of the Ring. It’s only fitting then, that we tackled this epic quest tonight at our Austin LotR group. I was playing … Continue reading

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The Story So Far – Part 1: Shadows of Mirkwood

Hi all! Psychorocka here! Beorn recently invited me to write a guest article on the Hall of Beorn and I immediately accepted. Beorn has been an immeasurable asset to our community with all the various resources and insights into the … Continue reading

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History: Lord of the Rings LCG Timeline (Updated 4/30/2018)

As I mentioned in my earlier discussion of play style, the Galadriel player is focused on aesthetics and staying true to the theme of the source material. With hundreds of character spanning four ages and thousands of years, it can … Continue reading

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Deck: Rangers and Traps

After much tweaking, I’ve finally settled on deck featuring Rangers and Traps that I’m pretty happy with. The fact that it does not include Faramir, second only to Aragorn in renown as a Ranger, is a real shame. I did … Continue reading

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Poll Results: Most Wanted Character in The Black Riders

So now that The Black Riders has been spoiled, and will soon be released to the public at large, we at last have answers to the many questions that accompanied this expansion. By far, the biggest mystery would be whether … Continue reading

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Game Variant: Wandering Kinsfolk

Where now are the Dunedain, Elessar, Elessar? Where do thy kinsfolk wander afar? Near is the hour when the lost should come forth, And the Grey Company ride from the North. But dark is the path appointed to thee: The … Continue reading

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Deck: Prisoner of the Dark Forest

Continuing in our series of decks from Middle-Earth’s alternate history, we now travel to Greenwood the Great, the forest more commonly known as Mirkwood. Leading up to the Fellowship of the Ring, Gollum was very much a creature of interest. … Continue reading

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