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Fastred Outwits the Black Serpent

At last week’s Austin LotR group I had a chance to test out a multiplayer version of a Fastred deck. The deck was based on this design by Seastan, and I wanted to see if it was possible to adapt … Continue reading

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Bear Draft v3: Signature Squads

One of most interesting aspects of deck-building in the Conquest LCG is the signature squads. When making a deck, the first decision is which Warlord to use. Warlords are somewhat like heroes in Lord of the Rings LCG. They begin in play, and … Continue reading

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Bear Draft version 2

It’s been a while since Gen Con, but with so much happening at the Hall these the delay was longer than expected before I had a chance to write a retrospective. As part of the Grey Company‘s listener even, Ian hosted … Continue reading

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Bear Market: Rethinking Some Staples

The metagame shifts and wriggles, just like a salmon winding its way up-river. Some cards increase in value, enhanced by an emergent archetype, or a particular theme in new quests. Other cards, however, are diminished by one or more trends in … Continue reading

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Poll Results: Favorite Attacking Hero

My apologies, dear readers. I have been busy lately with testing out a draft format for the Grey Company listener event at Gen Con 2015. Most recently, Derek and Matthew visited for the first of what will hopefully be an … Continue reading

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Deck: Haldir the Hunter

GenCon is one of those experiences that is so massive, so overwhelming, that it takes a bit of time to recover and adjust to the day-to-day routine of life. Now that I’ve finally had a chance to settle in and take stock … Continue reading

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Metagame: Part 4 – Core Set Supplements

One of the biggest challenges to introducing new players to this game is the Core Set. This statement might at first seem controversial, but anyone who has played this game this for long will begin to notice certain flaws in … Continue reading

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Key Concepts: Traits – Rohan

With the card pool expanding slowly but surely, more traits are starting to gain relevance. In our last look at traits, we reviewed the many powerful effects available to Dwarf decks. While not as fundamental as spheres, traits are still … Continue reading

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