News: Ring-maker Campaign Spoiler

Is it because of my mug
with its frowning mouth?
So often I would itch
to be luminous and free of fog
but nothing would approach
except big dogs.
And the dogs got zilch.

 –Song of the Dwarf, by Rainer Maria Rilke

The Angmar Awakened cycle will be the first to receive a reprint in the new format. This is welcome news as that cycle introduced beloved heroes like Arwen Undómiel and Erestor, as well as player side quests and the Dúnedain archetype. I’m pleased to announce that the Hall of Beorn received word of the next cycle to be reprinted. This may come as a surprise to some players, but the Ring-maker cycle will be the next released in the new Hero Expansion/Campaign Expansion format.

That cycle introduced a powerful Silvan archetype, along powerful characters like Treebeard and Gwaihir. As exciting as Eagles and Ents might be, the most anticipated character from the Ring-maker cycle is a humble Dwarf. Yes, dear readers, your dream have come true! There will be a new campaign version of the Nalir in the reprint of this cycle. I, for one, cannot wait to remove time counters from the best objective ally ever created.

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2 Responses to News: Ring-maker Campaign Spoiler

  1. Christopher Dean says:

    I just hope that all the extra bits that are printed with these sets become available to print, or even become a set of there own at the end of this release programme, for those people who bought these the first time round! I hear that boons, burdens and contracts might now feature in all these new releases, which will be awesome!!

  2. Ryan Schipper says:

    Any word on whether he comes with a pipe boon?

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