News: Celebrating 9 years of the Hall

The smallest decisions can have an outsized impact on our lives. When I made my first hesitant post on this blog, over 9 years ago, I had no idea of the adventure I was starting. In the intervening years, I have grown as a player, as a member of the community, and even (dare I say) as a person. The local game nights, conventions, and ad hoc meetings with fellows players are all priceless treasures. Mrs. Beorn and I would like to extend a special thanks to Marko and his family, for the generous hospitality you showed to us on our recent visit to Croatia. It’s easy to say that a community is welcoming, but seeing the warmth and generosity extended from folks around the world warms the heart of even the grumpiest bear.

To all of the readers who have contributed questions, suggestions, praise, criticism, comments and guest posts over the last 9 years, thank you. For all of my Patrons, your support is invaluable in helping me create and maintain the Hall of Beorn Card Search, and the BeornBot Discord plugin. It is privilege to be a part of such supportive community. The comradery that surrounds this game, more than anything, is what keeps this blog going strong.

For any who have not yet entered, the latest contest is still open for a few more days. Players interested in The Scouring of the Shire (from ALeP) are encouraged to make their entries, right away. Everyone here at Hall wishes a happy and healthy new year to you and your families.

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2 Responses to News: Celebrating 9 years of the Hall

  1. ScrawlKnight says:

    Happy anniversary/congratulations! Always love coming to read your articles.

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