¡Viva Las Chingonas!

Na'asiyah Art

I finally had a chance tonight to try out my Las Chingonas deck, and the setting could not have been more appropriate. My friend Stephen and I sailed our ships against the Raider Flagship in A Storm on Cobas Haven. I am a fan of most all of the Dream-chaser cycle, but this particular quest es un favorito especial. It is all the more appropriate that my first time using the game’s only Corsair hero would be in such a nautically themed adventure.

Sea-ward TowerAt the heart of this quest is a set of powerful Objectives, of which the players choose one to start in play. They represent different locations in Dol Amroth, guarded by the enemy but of great benefit to the players once freed. Since neither of our decks features much healing, we chose to start with Tower of the Heron in play. Never one to miss an opportunity for irony, the quest decided that our anti-archery objective would be guarded by a Siege Ship.

Until we killed that ship, it’s archery would keep chipping away at our characters. Once killed, the tower would protect us from the archery of future ships? I guess? Anyone who plays this game for long knows that the best laid plans are theoretical once they meet the fickle hand of fate – the encounter deck. With the help of a Feint and a timely visit to Cobas Haven (the location), we were able to rid ourselves of the Siege Ship without too much trouble.

After a false start and a bit of turtling, Mirror of Galadriel helped me grab a copy of Resourceful. Along with a lucky draw of my Magic Ring, Na’asiyah finally had the resource acceleration upon which she thrives. As an added bonus, those extra resources allowed me to pay the exorbitant fees demanded by Dol Amroth Warship. As long as we kept ourselves on course, those warships were potent weapons against the seemingly endless swarms of enemy ships.

All things considered, I was quite happy with how the deck fared. The highlight of the night was when Na’asiyah single-handedly sunk a Corsair Skirmisher. There is something so satisfying about being able to pay resources for exactly the attack strength necessary to defeat a foe. The moment feels all the more epic when that enemy happens to be a ship filled to the gills with blood-thirsty Corsairs.

While the deck is by no means a powerhouse, it worked quite well once it had a few rounds to setup. Thanks to Na’asiyah’s efficiency and the might of Éowyn with Herugrim, this hero lineup can actually handle itself admirably in combat. It also provided much needed early game questing while Stephen’s Dwarving digging deck was locating it’s pipes and pick-axes.

I will continue to tweak around the edges, but the heart of this deck is solid. I need to craft a sideboard for multiplayer, but overall I am quite pleased with how it performed. It’s a sign of a healthy card pool when you can have success using a deck which lacks the more obvious power-hero choices. Las chingonas no tienen miedo!

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3 Responses to ¡Viva Las Chingonas!

  1. Mike says:

    What art did you use for the Nasaiyah hero card? I’m looking forward to trying this deck out myself soon, looks like lots of fun!

    • Beorn says:

      The artist is Aleksei Vinogradov, and you can find the piece that I used for Na’asiyah’s alternate art here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EYDNK
      Good luck with the deck, I have found that it most enjoyable to play. One warning is that it struggles in quests with archery or excessive sources of direct damage. Let me know how it works for you.

  2. sierratrees says:

    I played a variant of this deck for the Grey Havens and really enjoyed it. Na’asiyah was super fun. I didn’t look ahead in the expansion so I could avoid spoilers, so I was upset when I couldn’t play her in the third scenario. I’d just played through all the campaign games and momentarily I forgot that I could build a new deck. HAHAHA!

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