Escape from the Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

After what seemed like an eternity, The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat was released today! We had a chance to play a four player game at our local Austin Lord of the Rings group. After an initial attempt that went quickly awry, we were able to safely make our escape from the ghastly dungeons. We even welcomed a new player who drove all the way from San Antonio! For those who haven’t played it yet I don’t want to spoil too much, but we all really enjoyed the new capture mechanic which this quest uses to represent the challenge of freeing prisoners from a dungeon.

This was my first chance to try out post-errata Caldara, and a first round Emery and Sword-thain were able to bring a bevy of powerful allies and prove that she is still a powerhouse. Still, the quest has some serious ally hate, so the early game had a tension which would have been lacking if I could had been able to repeatedly use Caldara’s ability. Some players may feel that the once per game limit to her ability was too strict – and one test is perhaps too early for any definitive conclusions – but I suspect that the errata will hit the sweet spot.

We have our Fellowship event here in Austin on Saturday, and I’m excited to rethink my Aggro Caldara deck and see if I can make it work – I know that Thror’s Key will be critical. I admit I was skeptical of the hero errata at first, and I am still a bit leery of the change to Háma, but I think that the change to Caladara is appropriate. Outside of some weird Gondor builds, there is now essentially zero reason to bring her back. This frees up a ton of space which was used for hero recursion. Caldara decks will now be more interesting to design and should exhibit more variety. This was precisely Caleb’s stated goal with the errata, so I would say that he hit the mark there.

We know that there will be a “big announcement” from FFG about the game on Saturday, and we all wait with bated breathe to see what the future holds. Check back here soon for my reaction to the news and in the mean time be safe and have happy travels!

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5 Responses to Escape from the Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks as always for your update. I was wondering where the info comes from that there will be a “big announcement” on Saturday. I heard rumors about big announcements but how do you know the date? Will it be released as news on the website? I guess I do not remember seeing updates on weekends usually but I might be wrong.


  2. Also, don’t forget your Westroad Traveler this weekend!

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