A Vacation, with Spider Ceviche

Horn's Cry Valour Action

After what seemed like an interminable wait, I finally got my massive paws on Beneath the Sands – the latest AP from the Haradrim cycle. A warning for anyone with arachnophobia, this quest features more spiders than you can shake a stick at. I would not recommend hanging around long on the third stage as the Brood Mother boss is invincible until you get 5 progress on the quest, and she keeps popping out annoying spider babies.

For a change of pace, I brought my A Bear on Vacation mono-Tactics deck to the party. While it wasn’t entirely stress-free, there were moments of quiet introspection, cocktails with little umbrellas, and plenty of spider ceviche (a Carrock delicacy). By far the highlight was hitting 40 threat just after reaching the final quest stage with Horn’s Cry in hand. With Brood Mother, a Giant Scorpion, and three Spider Broodlings engaged, it was the perfect time to give all engaged enemies -3 attack.

This situation proved how powerful Valour Effects can be, as one of Broodlings ending up attacking 3 times in a row because of a bad run of shadow cards. Since the baby Spider’s attack had been reduced to 0, all of those attacks amounted to nothing more than an invertebrate massage – with far too many appendages. No matter, friends like Legolas, Dúnedain Hunter, and Eagles were on hand to chop the Broodlings into delicious hors d’oeuvres.

The ending to the quest was nearly equally as epic as that round. Éowyn used her boss-killing super move to finish off the Brood Mother. I can see why Caleb said he was inspired by a certain classic 80’s Horror Sci-Fi movie in designing this scenario. That movie happens to be a favorite here at the Hall and I could wandering the underground halls killing spiders was a fun bit of nostalgia.

As Rohan’s original bad-ass finished off the Brood Queen I found myself shouting out the movies iconic line. Éowyn didn’t even need a robot loader for support, what with a giant Spider-eating bear on hand. All things considered, it was an exciting and enjoyable vacation. It is encouraging to see how much better mono-Tactics has become with the help of Valour, Legolas, and recent aces like Proud Hunters. While they could certainly use an exterminator, I give Beneath the Sands resort two paws up. 🐾

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4 Responses to A Vacation, with Spider Ceviche

  1. Anonim says:

    Get away from her, you bi**h!

  2. shipwreck says:

    They mostly come when you’re off track. Mostly.

    • Beorn says:

      Irma and I saw Alien Covenant last night. I can only imagine how that movie would be represented in the game. Android Boromir would be terrifying…

  3. I love your arachnaphobia comment. I have a bad case of that and as such every quest that LOTR has done that involves the things have really made me feel so full of dread every time I touch that encounter deck. Maybe that’s why most of them kick my butt each time. I think the original Core set quest and Return to Mirkwood are the only ones that don’t repeatedly beat me down and even then RtM was an epic fluke finale where Gandalf saved the day! Shelob has so far eaten me multiple times and it took a couple tries to get through the Hobbit saga one. I’m still far behind, so it will be a long time before I attempt this quest, but I have all the cards to date. This one just looks horrific not just in terms of the artwork, but in terms of difficulty especially as I’m pure solo currently and have yet to actually play a solid “combat” deck as I always end up playing tricks or questing heavy ones. Maybe it’s about time I went combat heavy or attempted a 2 handed play. Then I could have Spirit Beregond and Tactics Eowyn in the same game . . . . . 😛

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