Alternate Art: Printer Studio


I finally got around to having a batch of my alternate art cards printed and the results were even better than I had hoped. I used Printer Studio and am quite happy with the price and the quality of the printing. After seeing just how nice these Magali heroes (and a bonus bear) turned out, my new goal is to make alternate art cards for every hero in the game. The full-art template really showcases the amazing art, and FFG should at least consider moving all heroes to this style.

While I was printing cards, I went ahead and included some alternate art staples. After seeing these ubiquitous cards so many times in the last few years, it is a pleasant surprise to have the alternate art. In an interesting twist, having different art even brings a certain vitality to my deck-building, as I am looking for an excuse to mix the beautiful art together into a deck. For anyone interested in the Strange Eons files for printing these cards, let me know.



My latest project is to make alternate art for my entire Aggro Caldara deck. Here is my latest alternate art version of the eponymous hero:


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36 Responses to Alternate Art: Printer Studio

  1. gdrouill says:

    This is fantastic. I am slowly working through a similar alternate hero art project. The most challenging part is finding the art, but I really like some of the art you have selected here. How does the text show up on some of the more wordy heroes like galadriel? Too small, or is it still legible?

    • Beorn says:

      Thanks! I agree that finding art is the most difficult part of making alternate art cards. The printing quality for small text is one of the things that pleasantly surprised me. Even heroes like Galadriel with a wall of card text are still totally readable. The text is small in order to fit into the promo template, but you can still read it.

  2. edvandofilho says:

    Someone wrote that the cards in Print Studio appear darker then they look in the screen. Is that true? What card quality did you use (standard, premium, plastic)?

    • Beorn says:

      Yes, they do come out a bit darker than they look in the images. On my next run I am going to use an image editor to brighten the images before uploading them. I used the standard quality as it keeps the cost down. With standard quality the cards feel very similar to official cards, so I would imagine that plastic would feel very different.

      • VorBalin says:

        Hi, when I use printerstudio I increase the brigthness with the printerstudio’s tool. It’s slow but it works.

  3. Holy cow! To your point – I have never felt the desire to build/pilot a Caldara deck. But seeing that alternate art? I am extremely tempted…

    Glad you liked Printer Studio! I have used them before and found them easy to use and worth the price.

  4. Skeffington says:

    These look absolutely stunning! Could you send me the strange eon files for both heroes and staples? Many thanks 🙂

    • Beorn says:

      Out of curiosity, do you want the Strange Eons files to make your own changes (e.g. translate them into another language) or do you just want the images? I ask because I have a zip of the images readily available, but I would need a moment to collect all of the corresponding Strange Eons files into a zip.

      • Skeffington says:

        If it is not to much to ask I would love to translate the cards to German 🙂

      • Beorn says:

        No problem. I just need to gather all the Strange Eons files and send them to you. Give me a few days.

      • Beorn says:

        Check your email, Skeffington. I sent you a link to the zip of all of my Strange Eons files. Viel Glück mit deiner Übersetzung!

      • VorBalin says:

        Hi! Amazing work! I’d thank you if you send me the strange eons files too, in order to translate the cards to spanish. Thanks!

      • Beorn says:

        Check your email, VorBalin. I sent you a link to the zip of all of my Strange Eons files. Buena suerte con su traducción!

      • Skeffington says:

        Mail was received 🙂 Thanks a lot! If you want I can drop you a link for the German cards, if you want to publish it as well 😉

    • Epkan says:

      Could I join the crowd ? I’d absolutely like to get these printed for my decks. If you can spare Strange Eons files, rather them, but .zip is equally good. Or both 🙂

  5. Joseph Forster says:

    Have you set these up in Print Studio so other people can order them? I’ve tried to print custom cards before, but I always end up with incorrect margins etc. I’d love to get some of these printed up!

  6. Will Belevan says:

    Greetings, Beorn. I wanted to say that your page has become an invaluable resource for getting into this wonderful and enthralling game. Nonetheless, I have gone parallel to your Beorn´s Path so far and, having enjoyed it so much, am sad to see that it has been discontinued. I was wondering if there are any plans to continue onwards with it or if it has met a definitive end. Cheers and congrats on a very entertaining blog!

    • Beorn says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t have time to continue writing Beorn’s Path. I’m going to reach out to members of the community to see if I can get a guest author to continue it take over that series for a bit. Thanks for your interest and keep an eye out for an announcement.

  7. Paul Dougherty says:

    Hello, Beorn! Inspired by this post, I’ve begun making my own alternate art cards. I’m using Strange Eons, and am very pleased with the designs so far. I uploaded the images to Printer Studio and have some concerns about the bleeding line. Did your images crop exactly as you intended? It seems that my full art heroes are being cut off more than I’d like. Also, did you happen to try lightening new images yet? If so, any advice on how best to do that? You’re a big part of why I love this game, so thank you.

    • Beorn says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Paul! The bleeding line for recent cards has been perfect with Printer Studio. I’ve seen issues with previous print runs through Printer Studio (I want to say some of our GenCon promo cards had issues), but my last two print runs were excellent. For my most recent print job I increased the brightness and the contrast to help offset the way the ink darkens the cards. Those cards haven’t arrived yet, but I’ll let you know how they look once I have them.

      • Paul Dougherty says:

        Good to hear! Thanks for the speedy reply. I should be ready to order the deck (including a wonderful new hero Beorn) within the week.

    • VorBalin says:

      If you export the cards with the flag “Add bleed margin to game components…” marked, It’ll be OK.

      • Paul Dougherty says:

        Thanks! I was on the verge of adding frames to each picture. You just saved me so much time.

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  9. Patoch says:

    Thanks a lot for your amazing work ! If it’s not too much to ask, could you please send me the corresponding Strange Eons file ? I’ll love to translate your work in french. Thanks again anyway !

    • Beorn says:

      Check your email, please. I’ve sent you links to the Strange Eons files. Good luck with your translations, and if you want any of them featured on the blog, feel free to send them my way.

  10. bduerksen30 says:

    Love these! Would it be possible to get the images (these, as well as your latest batch just posted that includes Beorn) so I can mix and match them for my own studio order? An image of the card back would be great as well. Thanks!

  11. Keith Christianson says:

    Hi Beorn. Absolutely love the alternate art cards you’ve created. I’d love a copy of the image files if you don’t mind.


  12. st0rmrage says:

    Hi Beorn! Great job! I’d thank you if you can send me the strange eons files please!!, in order to translate the cards into spanish. Thanks!

  13. Renaud says:

    Hi Beorn !

    I’d really like the strange eons files too (or in any format that I could use to print the cards here in France, even translate them if I find the time to do it), love what you’ve done with the alternate art !

    Btw thanks a lot for your blog, which is the reason why I learned how to love this game 🙂

  14. Chainswept says:

    Hey there Beorn!
    First, long time reader, love the blog. Second, I tried making some alternate arts on Printer Studio and they informed me that they wouldn’t make them because they were copyrighted “Lord of the Rings” cards. I saw up there that you guys were discussing different printers, but wondered if you were able to find one that you’d recommend.


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