Dúnedain hold back The Long Arm of Mordor


After a brief and much-needed hiatus in the City of Eternal Spring, I finally had a chance to try out my most recent deck. Last Guardians of Arnor is the first pure Dúnedain deck I’ve built which feels satisfying to play. There are already some great examples of the archetype, notably including Damrod for traps, but I have yet build a pure Dúnedain deck that was as effective as I wanted. There is no doubt more tuning in store for this deck, but the initial tests have been promising. The above photo is from the winning round against The Long Arm of Mordor.

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5 Responses to Dúnedain hold back The Long Arm of Mordor

  1. Glad to hear you had a chance for some R&R Mr. Bear. Deck looks fun! What tokens are those in the picture?

    • Beorn says:

      Thanks, Took! The tokens are a mishmash from different sources. The skull tokens are actually beads that I found on Amazon. The resource tokens are decorative buttons that I picked up at a craft store (Michael’s, I think). It’s nice to have custom tokens with a bit more weight to them than the cardboard ones provided by the Core Set.

      • I agree. I’ve been thinking about picking up some tokens from team covenant, but the cost has me looking at craft stores. At the moment I use tiny dice to denote damage(red), resources(grey), or progress (green) and random, uniquely colored dice to keep track of triggered buffs and what not.

  2. Sechen says:

    I took this deck to solo victory on an entertaining playthrough of Shadow and Flame. The first couple of turns were pretty painful, dealing with the Balrog, but pretty quickly the guardians of arnor were blocking for 6, at which point they happily just tanked him. The whole thing built up to a nice climax of
    -Block 7 guys (including the balrog)
    -Play descendants of Kings twice, to get through counterspell
    -Attack the balrog for 35 with ridiculous Fornost Bowmen

    Great deck!

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