Three Hunters Aggro Braves the Desert Crossing


I had the chance to try out my Aggressive version of the The Hunters Deck tonight and was able to survive Desert Crossing before my heroes were burnt alive. Roheryn was invaluable for this quest. Not only did he provide the Tactics icon needed to play Gondorian Fire, but once Aragorn had some resources built up he was able to instantly kill any enemy that engaged (even the Were-worms that make an immediate attack). Like my other aggressive decks, the effectiveness of this deck can swing wildly, but a major focus on card draw helps to dramatically improve consistency. After playing so many ally swarm decks lately, it felt nice to switch things up with a deck featuring very few allies.

With a strong opening hand, I was questing for 6 with Aragorn on the first turn, with Unexpected Courage attached. It felt nice having the willpower bonuses come from Strider and Celebrían’s Stone’s, as the deck holds very closely to theme. Later, I was using Wingfoot to ensure that Aragorn was never left flat-footed by enemies. Once he had Steward of Gondor and Roheryn attached, Aragorn was all setup. One copy of Gondorian Fire was the finishing touch to make combat a forgone conclusion. The real challenge then was to avoid game-ending treacheries that might kill off my heroes. This is where an aggressive deck really shines though. Since I am not running A Test of Will, I am forced to quest as aggressively as possible, every round. By minimizing the number of rounds, and thus the number of cards revealed by the encounter deck, I was able to cross the desert safely. My heroes found there way to safety before the temperature rose too high and ended their hopes.

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  1. Anonim says:

    That’s a lot of attachments!

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